Netflix Will Premiere An Exciting Series About The Mayan Civilization

Netflix Will Premiere An Exciting Series About The Mayan Civilization

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As Netflix ramps up its repertoire of original series, a new show about the Mayan Civilization was announced. It will arrive in 2021.

By Vianey Olivares

Shows like The House of Flowers and Club de Cuervos (Club of Crows) have had amazing reception both in Latin America and abroad, which is why it comes as no surprise that Netflix is still betting high to produce series and movies in Spanish, like Alfonso Cuaron's Roma, with celebrities and themes that are familiar to Latin American audiences. We're cautiously excited to hear about an original adaptation of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. And now we can add a new project about the Mayan culture to the list. 

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The new project, called Maya and the Three, has been described as an animated series. The show's writer will be Jorge R. Gutiérrex, director of the 2014 animated feature The Book of Life. Screenwriter of Elena of Avalor, Silvia Cárdenas Olivas, and Moana's animator, Jeff Ranjo will be joining him. 

netflix series inspired by ancient mayan civilization releases

A "Lord of the Rings"

In a Variety magazine interview, the director gave some general insights as to the show's plot. It will all be about a warrior princess who's looking for three mythical fighters, these will in turn help her save the world from the gods and humankind. Gutiérrez intends the series to be "like a Mexican Lord of the Rings, but with comedy."

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For children

Even though there's currently very little information regarding the project, Netflix is featuring its synopsis on its page already. As of now, Maya and the Three is classified as "Children TV" and "Animated Series." We obviously expect to get new information as the project progresses, so stay tuned for updates.

netflix series inspired by ancient mayan civilization releases

Jorge R. Gutiérrez asked the eager audience to be patient, since Maya and the Three is not expected to premiere until 2021— which feels like an eternity in this accelerated world of ours. What do you think, will the show manage to live up to a classic like The Lord of the Rings?

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Translated by Oliver G. Alvar

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