A New Series About Pancho Villa Is Coming

A New Series About Pancho Villa Is Coming

By: Patricia Cordero -

Buena Vista Original Productions is producing Centauro del Norte, a new TV series about the legendary character from the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa.

There's no doubt that Pancho Villa was quite an interesting character. This legendary man, who was an important figure during the Mexican Revolution, is the main character of a new TV series that's being produced by Buena Vista Original Productions, under the name of Centauro del Norte. 

The title of the series is actually the nickname of this revolutionary icon. The series will explore how this man started out as a bandit during his teenage years, until he became an important leader during the Mexican Revolution, and then died in an ambush. 

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Pancho Villa, whose real name was Doroteo Arango, was born in a small town in the state of Durango, in Mexico. The series, according to Buena Vista Original Productions, will explore different aspects of his persona and how he evolved until he became a legend in a country that was going through a complicated transformation process. 

So, the audience will be able to learn about the personal life of this man, and how he was defined as a cruel leader, but also a womanizer, a charismatic man who also fought for justice, both loved and hated. 

This production will be filmed in several important locations in Mexico and will have 10 episodes of 1 hour each. 

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