Did ´The Rain´ Leave You Wanting More? Check These Other Apocalyptic Series On Netflix

Whether its a zombie outbreak, alien invasion, or nuclear bomb threat, these post-apocalyptic shows will make you want to start drafting a plan B.

One thing that makes me binge-watch post-apocalyptic series on Netflix is wondering “what would I do if I were in their shoes?” Even though I know these shows are fiction, I can’t help but to start thinking about an escape plan from a zombie outbreak, the construction of a bunker in case of nuclear attack, and the right weapons to protect my family from an alien invasion. The Netflix original series The Rain transports us to a reality where a contagious virus has wiped out most of the population and the remaining survivors are fighting over the little resources that are left. Plus, there’s also the element of mystery regarding the rain's origin and its purpose, of which we only find out more as the series progresses. If you enjoyed this intriguing plot, then you’ll want to check out these other shows while you wait for the next seasons to come out.

The 100

97 years ago, a nuclear apocalypse destroyed everything on Earth, yet humankind managed to survive by launching into space a set of 12 space stations, known as “The Arc,” filled with people. Although these stations have been in space for almost a century without having to come back, it’s time to go and check what things look like on Earth and find out if it’s safe to return to the home planet. But who to send? What about 100 young delinquents? This is the plot of this series, which ranks at the top of all the post-apocalyptic shows out there. These stations decide to send 100 young law offenders and allow them to explore the corners of a forgotten and dangerous planet. This series has a great plot and it contrasts the different opinions people have regarding anarchy.


This Brazilian dystopian thriller is a Netflix original series and takes views to a far-away future where most of the population lives in extreme poverty (in a place called "Inland"). However, each year, all 20-year olds are given with the opportunity to compete against each other in a series of mental tests to prove that they deserve to live "Offshore," a paradise island with every comfort imaginable, the best education, health care, and more. In this series, we empathize with the competitors, whose reasons to escape misery are their only means to survive their dystopian reality, but only 3% of them will be chosen to live in the coveted "Offshore."

The Mist

Based on Stephen King’s original novel, a regular town suddenly experiences a flow of thick mist that covers everything and doesn't let them see farther than their own hands. Many residents seek shelter, since the terrifying mist hides many secrets and causes psychological horror in people's minds. Plus, there are unknown creatures that come out when the mist sets down and the town is unsure of how to deal with it (or them). If you enjoy suspense and getting an adrenaline rush, this series is for you.


It all started when several giant blocks fell from the sky and divided the city of Los Angeles into a colony. These blocks were created by aliens who have invaded the Earth and now control the government with their advanced technology and police robots. The series follows the life of a family whose son was left out of the colony when the blocks fell from the sky. Now, the father, a former FBI agent, wants to infiltrate the resistance outside the walls in order to find his son and bring him back to his family. This series has a very original plot, and if you watch the first couple of minutes of the first episode, you’ll definitely be hooked.

Falling Skies

Another alien invasion, but this time, the extraterrestrial creatures have arrived with the intention of killing, not colonizing. It’s up to the resistance and a military history professor, whose wife was killed and his son kidnapped, to lead the remaining survivors to victory and find out what these aliens really came to Earth for, besides taking away all the children from their families.

Z Nation

A zombie apocalypse has turned the current civilization into a massive graveyard, and all hope seems to be lost, but the solution to this problem might be found inside a man’s body, which seems to be immune to the zombie virus. A camp then sets themselves on a mission to transport him to a laboratory in California, where his blood will be used as a vaccine for the virus – but before that happens, these brave adventurers must kill and run away from hundreds of fast, flesh-eating zombies.

Overall, these shows make us think about our priorities during catastrophes, and that’s one of the many reasons behind their success. They tease us with intriguing plots full of chaos, destruction, and sometimes, the end of human existence. Yet, what they all have in common is hope, many times in the form of a hero willing to beat all odds and lead the remaining survivors to a better life. Make sure you are on the look out for more of these series if you like the genre. There are always need additions to Netflix's list.


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