Tarantino's Star Trek Film Could Finally Show Us The Dreadful Side Of Space

Movies Tarantino's Star Trek Film Could Finally Show Us The Dreadful Side Of Space

Though there's nothing sure about the Tarantino-Star Trek collaboration, fans are very excited to see how this iconic filmmaker gives the franchise a twist.

Live long and prosper? Yeah… I don’t think so. As you might have heard, there have been talks about filmmaker Quentin Tarantino directing the next Star Trek film, and if there’s something we can be sure about, if this ever gets made, is that it’s going to be dark and bloody. Time for some real talk: the last installments of the franchise haven’t been that good, compared to the old series. This is perhaps the reason why the news of Tarantino refreshing the story and changing its direction completely was very well-received by many hardcore fans. According to him, he wants to deal with something the franchise hasn’t been very keen to portray, the real and dreadful horrors of space. And let’s face it, who other than him to give us that entertainingly cringey side?


What we know so far is that Tarantino approached J.J. Abrams with an original idea for the franchise, which the latter actually loved. They presented it to Paramount, but they were a bit reluctant to turn the franchise into an R-rated film because that would only reduce the possible audience. However, films like Deadpool and Logan have proved that a new twist like this can really freshen up the genre, which, let's face it, has been so repetitive in the last few years. Anyway, though the idea was very well received by the studio, the producer, and even the audience, nothing is set in stone yet. 


First, it all depends on the story they come up with. It’s said that Mark L. Smith (screenwriter for The Revenant) is already working on the script based on Tarantino’s idea. However, the filmmaker has said that he’d only jump into the project if he likes the script. At the same time, there are at least two other writers working on different scripts to see which one is the one that will make Star Trek 4 possible. Still, it would seem that the Tarantino choice is already the one with most possibilities so far.

Cast members have already spoken about their interest in collaborating with the iconic director, not to mention that the Star Trek legend, Patrick Stewart, has been very vocal about his desire to come back to the franchise in his role of Jean-Luc, if Tarantino is the one directing it. He said that he’s always dreamed of working with him, and this would be the perfect opportunity to finally make this wish come true. 


The way I see it, many people are doing everything in their power to make this movie happen, but there's nothing official yet. We must also remember that if this actually happens, it won’t be released in the next year(s). Tarantino is currently working on his next film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which will come out in August 2019. So, the Star Trek movie would be expected for 2020, if we’re lucky. Still, wouldn’t it be worth waiting for? It is for me, at least, so let’s just hope everything works out and we get that movie one day soon.


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