Robert Pattinson’s must watch films from ‘Twilight’ to ‘The Batman’

From a reverend to a lighthouse keeper, from a vampire to a bat man, Robert Pattinson has played a wide variety of characters.

Robert Pattinson has played a wide variety of characters throughout his career, and his latest work has positioned him as one of the fans’ favorite Batman ever. When Pattinson was announced as the new Batman, many fans doubted he would do a good job, mainly out of prejudice for his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight. Still, others who had seen other movies of his great filmography, knew he could do Bruce Wayne perfectly and any character he sets his eyes in.

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Throughout his career, Robert Pattinson has demonstrated he can be more than an Edward Cullen or a Cedric Diggory. These are some movies you cannot miss if you loved Robert Pattinson’s rendition of Batman.

The Lighthouse (2019)

Nominated for an Oscar, and amassing 34 awards and with 139 nominations throughout the award season, The Lighthouse follows the story of Thomas Howard (Robert Pattinson) and Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe), two lighthouse keepers in their struggle to maintain their sanity after being hired to guard a lighthouse on a remote and mysterious New England island for one month.


In this film, Pattinson really immerses himself into the character following the famous Method; he even had a blackout from drinking so much during scenes. In an interview, he even declared that it was crazy, but he felt that was the only way to get into the character’s personality.

The Lighthouse’s essential lesson is: Never put two men in isolation.

Good Time (2017)

Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) is a bank robber who, after a botched heist, tries to get his brother out of jail. He needs a large amount of money, which he definitely doesn’t have, so he convinced his girlfriend to take the money from her mother’s credit card.


When the mother’s credit card plan is thwarted, and Connie finds out that his brother has been beaten inside the prison, he finds no better option than to get his brother out of the hospital at any cost.

He breaks into the hospital and seeks asylum from an older woman and her granddaughter; however, once again, Connie’s plan is frustrated when he realizes that instead of saving his brother, he saved a completely unknown prisoner.


Tenet (2020)

Without a doubt, this is a movie that blew the mind of thousands. Tenet was directed by the iconic Christopher Nolan, who is well known for developing stories that play with the audience’s mind and that ask for one’s full attention to any detail, even the smallest one.

An anonymous CIA agent does everything in his power to save the world from an imminent Third World War, even traveling through time to achieve his goal. A scientist shows the ‘Protagonist’ some objects that work in reverse of how they normally should because they were put into a time capsule that instead of moving backward, moves forwards.


At some point in the film, he meets a local named Neil (Robert Pattinson), who seems to already know the rules of this game, and knows the best moves that can guide the ‘Protagonist’ to solve the mission.

The Devil All the Time (2020)

While critics praised the performances, the pacing, length, and plot were highly criticized in this movie inspired by Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name. However, once again, Robert Pattinson didn’t disappoint.


The film, set after WWII, revolves around Arvin (Tom Holland) who tragically loses his father and is forced to move in with his grandparents and cousin.

Arvin and his family visit a church frequently, when suddenly a new reverend, Preston Teagardin (Robert Pattinson) arrives. This is a story of how faith and evil intertwine through the years and the sad reminder that some people exist only to cause harm or be harmed.


Cosmopolis (2012)

Based on the namesake novel by Don DeLillo, the movie tells the story of Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson), a 28 years old multimillionaire who lives in Manhattan, and whose limousine serves as his office.

Eric is married; however, he maintains extra-marital affairs and leads a life a little out of place. In a medical checkup is diagnosed with an asymmetrical prostate, begins to have visions, and acts in a way that will gradually lead him to an imminent decline.


Once again, this film was very well received by critics, and Robert’s performance received quite favorable reviews.

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