This Is How Robert Pattinson Looks In The Batman Suit

This Is How Robert Pattinson Looks In The Batman Suit

By: Hugo Marquez -

What do bats and vampires have in common? Well, I guess Robert Pattinson can answer that, as he will be performing as the superhero in the new version of Batman.

With all the hype surrounding superheroes and their film franchises, which we have been bombarded with every four to six months over the past two decades, there’s a new kid on the block to take the lead in yet another superhero movie: Robert Pattinson.

The former Cedric Diggory, who later became everyone's smoking-hot yet not-so-healthy teenage vampire crush, Robert Pattinson, will portray the charming, smart, and privileged orphan who puts on tight leather pants to protect the citizens of Gotham City by night.

Film director Matt Reeves just shared a video with the camera test, showing Robert Pattinson wearing the Batman suit, and after all the rumors saying that the actor didn't have enough muscle to fit in the suit, it seems that he finally did it. 

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Warner Bros. has confirmed Pattinson to portray the Knight of Darkness. Armie Hammer (Call Me By Your Name) and Nicholas Hoult (The Favourite) were some of the actors who were considered to play the role, but in the end, it seems it is Pattinson who will follow in Ben Affleck's footsteps after he said goodbye to the role and put the cape to rest (thank goodness).

Pattinson, who certainly knows what it takes to be the face of a franchise and who has been more involved with independent productions in the last couple of years, will become the second youngest actor to play Batman at 33, right after G. Lewis Wilson, who was 23 when he portrayed the DC superhero back in 1943.

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As an unforgettable Edward Cullen in the Twilight films, I wonder if the British actor will live up to such enigmatic role. After Affleck’s catastrophic portrayal of Batman (though most of the responsibility lies in the terrible script), Pattinson seems like a risky call to bring to life the legendary Knight of the Dark (yes, I didn’t want to call him The Dark Knight out of respect to Nolan’s legendary and magnificent saga). The good thing, however (I guess), is that director Matt Reeves, who has worked on the recent sequels of Planet of The Apes, is in charge to make Pattinson and the The Batman a critically acclaimed and box-office film. Thanks Nolan, for putting such a heavy weight on any filmmaker’s shoulders.

The Batman is expected to be released in 2021.