5 Movies That'll Encourage You To Give Love A Second Chance

5 Movies That'll Encourage You To Give Love A Second Chance

Movies 5 Movies That'll Encourage You To Give Love A Second Chance

If you think love only happens once in a lifetime, perhaps these movies can show you how you'll always get a second chance.

Probably one of the most terrible experiences we can experience in life is losing someone we love. Call it a breakup, a divorce, distance, or even death, no matter how many times you’ve experienced it you’re never ready to overcome something that hard. When the pain is so strong it’s even harder to picture ourselves experiencing love once again, and thus we close our hearts and distance ourselves from people so that we do not allow ourselves to fall for anyone else. Perhaps you think that there’s one perfect soul for everybody. So when that person you love is no longer around you truly believe you’ve already got the love of your life and you’ll never experience it once again.

Let me tell you that although that idea of having one soulmate can sound really romantic, at the end of the day it’s just an idealized perception of love that isn’t really close to reality. We can have as many chances at love as long as we open ourselves to it. So, if you want to watch some movies to show you how possible it is, take a look at the following:

Enough Said (2013) Dir. Nicole Holofcener

After being introduced by some friends in common, Eva and Albert, two divorcees with teen daughters of the same age, start a relationship. Just when they thought they wouldn’t experience love once again, Eva discovers that her new friend is no other than Albert’s ex-wife, who clearly starts speaking badly about him. Will she change her mind about him? What will happen when he finds out? No spoilers, but I guarantee a lot of laughs, I mean, it’s Julia Louis Dreyfus.


Under The Tuscan Sun (2003) Dir. Audrey Wells

Following the second chance divorcee category of romantic films, we have the ultimate story about new beginnings including the possibility of falling in love. Under the Tuscan Sun tells the story of Frances, who seems to have the perfect life until her beloved husband files for a divorce to marry his new girlfriend. Devastated, she decides to move to Tuscany and buys an abandoned villa to renovate while she puts her life together. That, of course, includes meeting an American writer that will make her believe in love again.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Dir. Nicholas Stoller

Sometimes we all need a dumb comedy to get out of our rut and move on and this one is the perfect example of that. It tells the story of Peter, a guy madly in love with his girlfriend. After five years together, she decides to break up with him leaving him in a terrible emotional state. To heal his soul and forget her, he decides to take a trip to Hawaii where bumps into her and her new boyfriend. After really irreverent and kind of stupid events, he gets friendly with one of the hotel staff.


The F Word (2013) Fir. Michael Dowse

After finding his girlfriend having sex with their anatomy teacher, Wallace, a med student, decides to break up with her, drop out school, and lead an antisocial life. One day his outgoing friend convinces him to go with him to a party where he meets Chantry who’s in a relationship herself. After they spend some time together Wallace starts realizing that life isn’t that bad when you’re next to people you care about. 


Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Dir. David O. Russell


This movie got so much recognition when it was released that, in my opinion, ended up not being what was expected. Yet, it has a moving story worth watching when you’re feeling a bit down and wish to see a love story. This one tells the story of Pat, a man diagnosed with bipolar disorder who has just been released from a mental facility. Determined to win his ex-wife back while continuing with his treatment, he meets Tiffany a widow going through a terrible depression. Both will find in the other (both damaged souls) an uncanny way of moving on from their personal horrors.


We all feel so down when going through a breakup or trauma that it’s easy to feel you’ll never be able to experience love again. However, as these movies, and life in general prove, we can always have a second, third, fourth chance, it’s just a matter of not closing yourself to new experiences and allowing love to reach you.


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