The Documentary That Shows Female Ejaculation Is The Sacred Water Of Happiness

The Documentary That Shows Female Ejaculation Is The Sacred Water Of Happiness

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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 13, 2017

Movies The Documentary That Shows Female Ejaculation Is The Sacred Water Of Happiness
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By: Gustavo Lopez

February 13, 2017

The journey described in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness revolves around the character traveling to the heart of the African continent, specifically Congo, in order to find answers. Seeing it from a different perspective, the story is about being immersed in the land where humanity was born, a region that the West still does not fully comprehend. It’s at the end of this quest where we find another character lost in dark delusions brought on by his search for power.

Western culture is built on destruction, on oppressing in order to reap rewards, in burning the culture of the people it chooses to submit. The West can be synthesized in the image of the hunter and spear: the phallic symbol that brings death.

Rwanda Female Ejaculation River

The first societies were mostly matriarchal groups that believed life was a divine representation. Based on several ancient figurines and artifacts found in the African continent, it’s assumed that women’s ability to give life turned them into something close to earthbound deities. In a way, Conrad’s novel is a metaphor for the patriarchal culture that broke into a territory where nature is hostile and protective towards negative and destructive attitudes.

On the other hand, we have Oliver Jourdain’s documentary on female pleasure and its place in Rwandan life. Sacred Water takes us on a journey of exploration of sexual experience within a society that is quite different from the average Western one. We learn how in that nation female pleasure is its own institution. There are plenty of everyday lessons and routines that revolve around female ejaculation continuing to be a major part of life.

Rwanda Female Ejaculation Documentary

Throughout the documentary, Rwandans explain how water keeps life in motion. According to legends, it began over a thousand years ago when a queen asked one of her subjects to satisfy her in the bedroom. The king was away fighting unending battles while the servant moved with childish nerves, causing friction and vibrations that brought on unexpected delight to his ruler. This became the holy spring where people bathe in and argue as being the true fountain of life and eternal youth.

Anyone who has provoked a female orgasm has already realized how the spasms and yelps of pleasure are close to divine conjuring and, in an indescribable way, to the mystery of life itself.

Rwanda Female Ejaculation Nipple

The queen’s pouring ejaculation resulted in the invention of the kunyaza to cause it. It’s taught to young men and women through steady rhythms that contrast beating drums, which are meant to show correct tongue, fingers, and palm movements.

One of the instructors says, “It all starts with the preliminary stage between husband and wife. Both need to be relaxed. It’s not good to make love if she’s dry, since neither will enjoy it. At first, she can teach you.”

Rwanda Female Ejaculation

This film, made through crowdfunding efforts, reflects a completely opposite kind of Sex-Ed compared to the sort promoted in Western culture, where, for centuries, the basis of society was centered on marriage. The only reason for marital sex was reproduction. However, in Rwanda, pleasure is placed at the top of what society should strive for.

This documentary is an invitation to the heart of female ejaculation that shows us how outdated and wrong are several of our ideas on pleasure. You can also read more about the evolution of the orgasm throughout science and history, as well as the reason why women's magazines are a keeping the female orgasm stagnant.


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