'Spider-Man: No Way Home:' Who are the villains, and where do they come from

It's well known that some of the most iconic villains from all Spider-Man movies are making an appearance in NWH. But who are they and how did they come?

Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally in movie theaters all over the world blowing everybody's minds! Being probably one of the most ambitious movies from the MCU, this movie has it all, laughter, tears, tension, and very wow moments including, of course, the appearance of great villains that made previous Spider-Men bleed.

We've seen them on the trailer, and we've seen them on the ads, but what are they doing here and who are they, might not be as clear. As you might know already, Peter is desperate to go back to his anonymous life after Mysterio revealed his identity. With the help of Doctor Strange, they cast a spell so that people forget who Spider-Man is except those who already knew, but by doing so, they've opened some sort of portal that brings other villains who already knew Spider-Man is Peter Parker.


So, without further ado, and doing our best to avoid spoilers, let us introduce you to a set of colorful characters that make of Spider-Man: No Way Home, one of the most epic movies of the MCU.

Dr. Curtis Connors AKA The Lizard

As you might remember from The Amazing Spider-Man, Dr. Connors is a scientist that's been working on cross-species genetics, but neither he nor Peter's father had managed to achieve it; that until Peter 'solves' the equation. In a desperate attempt to regenerate his missing arm, Connors uses the treatment but turns himself into a giant Lizard. Now, he's trying to turn the entire city into Lizard people, but Spider-Man and Gwen manage to stop him from launching an antidote to bring everything back to normal. That, until he's drawn into Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.


Flint Marko AKA The Sandman

Marko makes his debut in Spider-Man 3. Marko is a convict that escapes from prison. While being persecuted falls into a pit of sand that's been experimented on with radiation. He acquires special powers and becomes the Sandman. He then joins the recently created Venom to fight Spider-Man, and after Venom is defeated, Marko reveals to Peter he was the one who killed Uncle Ben in the first movie, although he did it unintentionally. He promises to lead a good life and vanishes. That, until he's drawn into Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.

Max Dillon AKA Electro

Max Dillon is a scientist working at Oscorp in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. He's a very sweet and shy guy, who after being saved by Spider-Man gets completely obsessed with him. One good day, he's ordered to attend to some problem with the electric system of the company, and accidentally falls into a pit where the company is experimenting with natural electricity with eels. As it happens with these movies, he acquires all the electrical power and becomes Electro. After an unfortunate meeting with Spider-Man, he now becomes a villain and teams up with this version of Harry Osborne's Green Goblin. Spider-Man defeats them, and that is it for Electro. That, until he's drawn into Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.


Otto Octavius AKA Doctor Octopus

Probably one of the best villains in all the Spider-Man movies. Doctor Octavius, from Spider-Man 2, is a scientist working on creating a sustainable fusion power reactor. To achieve it, he invents a set of four mechanical arms he can control with his mind, but in the demonstration, something goes wrong, and the arms end up controlling him and making him a supervillain. He now wants to reassemble his machine, but his plans attempt to destroy New York, so Peter, who is struggling with his own powers, fights him. He ends up dying. That, until he's drawn into Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.

Norman Osborn AKA The Green Goblin

Last but not least, we have the favorite of the fans, the deranged and quite comical Green Goblin. In Spider-Man, Norman Osborn is a millionaire scientist owner of Oscorp, a high-tech company. Osborn's team is working on a super-soldier serum, and when the military withdraws the funding because it's taking too long, Norman decides to try it out himself. He rapidly acquires super strength, but since the formula was still unstable he goes mad, thus becoming The Green Goblin. He seeks revenge against the board who deposed him as head of the company, during a public event. He is stopped by Spider-Man, who becomes his archenemy. Eventually, they fight, and Norman dies after being impaled by his own slider. That, until he's drawn into Tom Holland's Spider-Man universe.


How is it possible that they are drawn into this universe, even when some of them are already dead when others appear? That's something you'll find out in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Photos from Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios.

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