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Anya Taylor-Joy sparks in new ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ trailer

Por: Gabriela Castillo30 de noviembre de 2022

Nintendo has a new trailer with Anya as Princess Peach and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

In a new presentation, long-awaited by the Nintendo audience around the world, Shigeru Miyamoto presented a second trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. The Movie. Fans were eager to see what Anya Taylor-Joy and Seth Rogen had done with the iconic Princess Peach and Donkey Kong characters.

During the presentation, Seth Rogen said, among other things, that Nintendo has always been very important to him to the point that his dog is named Zelda. In the previous presentation, we had already seen Chris Pratt and Jack Black as Mario and Bowser (and people didn’t end up liking Pratt’s performance as Super Mario).

In this new trailer, Luigi, Mario’s brother, gets more of the spotlight as we see him captured by Bowser, who is apparently looking for the plumber (because it couldn’t be any other way). There’s also a bunch of adorable colorful Yoshis and Toads, and a whole Mad Max-like army in Mario Kart cars.

When will the Super Mario Bros. The Movie be released?

Shigeru Miyamoto said that Nintendo’s joint film with Illumination is “almost finished”... and that’s all he can say about it at the moment. There’s no concrete release date, but so far we know it will hit theaters in April 2023.

Watch the trailer here:

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