6 Movies You Should Put On Your Watchlist If You Love The Handmaids Tale

Many people say this series is too bleak, but if youre a fan, here are 6 movies you should watch that explore the dark reality of womens oppression.

The Handmaid’s Tale series is a compelling story about what it would mean if the feminist movement were stopped by extremist conservative groups and the government was suddenly taken over by a theocratic regime (controlled by priests). Although the series shows a very dystopian reality, many would argue that it would never happen, but the author of this story used real events from history to create a not-that-distant scenario where all women lose their rights and they are turned into slaves whose lives are determined by men. This fictional story, then, creates awareness about how much power we allow the government to have over us, but also how bad could it get if we don’t keep a close eye on it. If you loved this fascinating TV series where resistance to authoritarianism is the key to freedom, the following list of movies might be your next obsession.

The Stepford Wives (2004) Dir. Frank Oz

This is a remake of the first The Stepford Wives (1975), and it follows the same plot but with a twist of comedy and a different ending. The main character is a very important and successful businesswoman who gets fired, so she and her family decide to move to the Stepford suburb, where she soon discovers that all the women in town only want to please their husbands. As in the previous movie, she realizes something is not right and decides to investigate. Later, she confronts her husband, who has decided to join the men's association and turn her into a "fembot." Yet, unlike the previous movie, she doesn't give up that easily and with her strong personality shows that she is not afraid of men.

Children Of Men (2006) Dir. Alfonso Cuarón

In this dystopian reality, nobody really knows why, but women can’t have children anymore. Although some believe this is one of the government’s tactics to control the population, humankind will soon become extinct if no more babies are born. However, during this chaotic reality where civil wars, riots, and violent events are occurring everyday, a man finds hope for the future in a young woman who is surprisingly pregnant. Now, it’s his job is to take her to a safe place away from the hands of the people in power.

If These Walls Could Talk (1996) Dir. Nancy Savoca and Cher

This film with zero science-fiction follows the lives of three different women who are contemplating having an abortion due to different reasons. The women live in three different eras (1952, 1974, and 1996), but in the same house. This movie contrasts the laws and views of society regarding abortion throughout the years and illustrates how women make this decision.

Under The Skin (2013) Dic. Jonathan Glazer

This film is about an alien creature in a woman's body who hunts men by seducing them and luring them into a mysterious, dark apartment. It's hard to explain why she does it and how she does it, since this sci-fi thriller is not very specific, but it allows viewers to come up with their own interpretation of the movie. What we know is that the main character is not human and she has learned how to control men with her body. Something very interesting about this movie is the fact that some of the scenes where the protagonist is seducing men on the street were not performed by actors. Instead, they were filmed without them knowing it was all part of a movie (they were later notified and signed an agreement).

Orphan Black

This is a series, not a movie, and it follows the life of a Canadian woman who witnessed the death of another woman who happened to look just like her. She then decides to take her identity and hide her body. What she doesn't know is that there are many others out there that look just like her – they are all clones, but who is the original one? Throughout the series, she sets out on a quest to find the mysterious reasons behind the woman's cloning. This series will intrigue you from the very beginning.


This Brazilian, dystopian series is a Netflix original that takes viewers to a distant future where most of the population lives in extreme poverty (in a place called Inland). However, each year, all 20-year-olds are given the opportunity to compete against each other in a series of mental tests to prove they are worth of living Offshore, a paradise island with many comforts and access to education, healthcare, and more. In this series, we empathize with the competitors, whose reasons to escape misery are their only means to survive their dystopian reality, but only 3% of them will be chosen to live Offshore.

Women are still facing many challenges all over the world. From their legal standing in Muslim countries to the restrictions imposed on their bodies in the US, these films help us reflect about topics that need our full attention and are not just of concern to a few. Plus, the fact that most of them are sci-fi makes them even more interesting. By illustrating the consequences of policies and secret societies' experiments on women, these movies raise awareness on issues that if ignored could become catastrophic for our society, like The Handmaid's Tale.


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