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After Alec Baldwin's Accident, Series Bans The Use Of Weapons On Set

Por: Jofiel Habib27 de octubre de 2021

After the terrible incident Alec Baldwin was involved, productions are starting to take safer measures.

After the accident that Alec Baldwin was involved in, the popular TV series The Rookie has announced they will take important security measures. They attempt to avoid an unfortunate event like the one we saw with the actor and many other people in the media who have also lost their lives.

It was reported that Halyna Hutchins, who was the cinematographer in the movie, Rust, lost her life in the filming of a scene in which Alec Baldwin's character was involved in a shootout. Also, the director, Joel Souza, was injured in the shooting; fortunately, he is stable and safe.

So far, the actor has not stated much about the incident, but it is known that he is at the disposal of the New Mexico authorities in Santa Fe, the location where this movie was being filmed, in addition to being in contact with the victim's family.  

An investigation has already been looking to find the causes of this accident that killed a woman and injured a man. At the moment, no charges have been filed against Alec Baldwin, but the media is already making some changes in the productions. 

After this type of unfortunate event happens, things change, and just as in the past, they have made reforms and taken measures to prevent accidents or more accidents from happening again. Today, after this tragedy, the first production to join in making a real change will be The Rookie.

The Rookie will not use guns in its recordings

Through an official statement, the series announced that things will change within its production, replacing the real guns that were previously used by fake guns, plus these will not be detonated for any reason, making use of technology to help them make these changes. 

"As of today, the policy for 'The Rookie' is that all shots onset will be airsoft guns with flashes on the tip of them added in post-production via CGI. There will be no more 'real' guns in the series. The safety of our cast and crew is too important. Any risk is too much," the series shared via The Hollywood Reporter.

On the other hand, experts have stated that the use of real weapons in film productions has never been the best option, as they have always represented a huge waste of time. It is expected that after this incident, reforms will be approved to forbid the use of real weapons in the making of films and series.

This fact is marked as another of the most important events in history that forever changed how film and series recordings are made, adding to other well-known events such as the case of Brandon Lee, in the filming of The Crow.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

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