Who Would You Kill To Be Famous?

Who Would You Kill To Be Famous?

By: Maria Suarez -

Tragedy Girls is a teen slasher that will have you laughing and cringing at the same time.

Let’s be honest for a moment. We’ve all dreamt about fame at one point or another. We’ve looked at ourselves in the mirror and given our best speech for winning an imaginary Oscar, Grammy, or even Teen Choice Award. We get excited when someone other than the people in our immediate circle of friends and family likes a picture we post. But how far would you be willing to go to get the fame you desperately crave? Well in the movie Tragedy Girls, murder is the easiest and fastest route.

The horror comedy features two teens who discover that the best way for their murder website to succeed is for them to be the first people at the scene of the crime. McKayla and Sadie are best friends who tweet, post, and write about crime in their small town. The only problem is that nobody is paying attention, and even Sadie’s douche ex has more followers than they do. So when bodies start showing up as the work of a serial killer, the two BFFs come up with a brilliant plan: ask the murderer for advice and suggestions. Suddenly their website’s booming from all the coverage they’ve been able to acquire. Because who better to take photographs and document a murder than the person committing it?

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When you think about it, Tragedy Girls is one of the handful of films where the main characters are women and whose relationship between themselves is at the center of the story. They’re not trying to get a date to the prom. They’re not fighting over some dude, and they’re going to these insane lengths to be taken seriously. While the goal is popularity, it’s not notoriety for the sake of just being the cool girls on campus. They have a website, born from their peculiar interests that they want to use as their vehicle to fame. Because of the farcical nature of the film, everything seems bigger and more outrageous, yet we can’t forget how amazing it is to have two female characters who are not being ridiculed or mocked.

I think that sometimes comedy and the horror genre are so over-the-top that they become the perfect way to present an idea that shakes up our preconceived notions and ideas. As viewers, we’re no longer shocked about an archetype being taken down, or a stereotype that’s turned on its head, because you’re watching a gory bloody mess of two cheerleaders dismembering a corpse.

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As the story becomes more and more ludicrous, we can’t help but start to root for these teens to get away with murder. Along with their snarky comments and friendship, there is something more afoot than a mere blog they’re trying to push. Nobody would believe two young women would be capable of doing this kind of destruction. And yet, they do. If we translate this into another genre, it probably would be a group of high school girls who want to join the football team or start a female-only chemistry club. But we’ve seen some of those movies and they’re usually not that great. They’re still painfully condescending and unrealistic, and they’re not even trying to be parodies.

This movie can be gory mess, full of blood and severed heads, but it still captures a powerful message. Don’t underestimate young women and their determination. Because you’ll find yourself in a surprising and unexpected situation like the victims of the story. 


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