Will Smith’s best movie performances that prove why he’s a true Hollywood legend

Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s sweat hearts, and although he’s one of the most profitable actors of the industry, the Academy hasn’t recognize his iconic career.

2022 seems to be finally the year Will Smith will get recognized as one of the best actors of the industry with the long-awaited Oscar. His performance of Richard Williams, the father and manager of the astounding Venus and Serena Williams, in King Richard has melted the audience’s heart and finally got him closer to the statuette, he’s been quite vocal he thinks he deserved a long time ago.

As one of the most profitable actors of the industry and a very beloved celebrity, Will Smith has a very prolific and diverse career that ranges from comedies, musicals, action blockbuster hits, and some quite good dramatic performances. Still, no matter the love and recognition of the audiences for years, Smith has felt shunned by the Academy and this recent part might finally grant him that recognition.


So far Smith has won basically all the most important awards in the race towards the Oscars. With a Golden Globe, a Sag Award, and a Critic’s Choice Award secured, it seems that the odds are in his favor. In the meantime, here are some performances from our beloved Fresh Prince that prove he’s already a Hollywood legend Oscar or not!

Hancock (2008)

Today we’re living in the era of superhero and action movies but a bit before all the craze, Will Smith was one of the most renowned figures in the genre. Hancock tells the story of a superhero that devotes his life to saving his city, Los Angeles, from perils. However, though well-intentioned, every time he attempts to do some saving, he leaves a trace of havoc, something he doesn’t even really care about. It all changes when he meets an executive and his wife, showing a more empathic side.


Enemy of the State (1998)

Considered one of Will Smith’s very best performances, Enemy of the State revolves around Robert Clayton Dean, a lawyer fighting against backlash and discredit. In this part, Smith shows a more vulnerable side while his character is dealing with insecurity and fear.

Concussion (2015)

This is the movie that sparked the “Oscars too White” movement after snubbing completely Will Smith’s praised performance. Smith embodies the character of a doctor investigating the effects head injuries have on American football players, something it took a while for the sports industry to realize. Smith, gave a very convincing performance that actually rose awareness to the matter though his portrayal of Bennet Omalu didn’t seem enough for the academy.


Seven Pounds (2008)

A man has set his mind on donating as much of his organs to save the lives who are desperate for a donor, even if it means risking his own life. Eventually, his will gets tested when he meets a young woman with a deathly heart condition that can only be saved through a heart transplant. The dilemma makes him question if there’s a dark reason behind these acts of kindness.

The Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

This is one of the most popular drama films among Will Smith’s filmography and a real tear-jerker. This is the story of a single father willing to do anything to give his son everything he can. The hard obstacles he has to overcome, even homelessness, moved audiences and critics, earning him an Oscar nomination.


Ali (2001)

His portrayal of the iconic Muhammad Ali gave Will Smith his first Oscar nomination. Smith, shows a charming yet introverted young athlete full of determination to become the best of the discipline. This movie didn’t only represent a great success for Smith but allowed the world to see a wider acting range besides comedy and action blockbusters. A real must-watch to understand and appreciate the legendary career of the enchanting Will Smith.

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