Don't Watch These Movies On A Date Night If You Don't Want Your Crush To Feel Awkward AF

Don't Watch These Movies On A Date Night If You Don't Want Your Crush To Feel Awkward AF

I once had the great idea to take a date to see How To Be Single (2016). I know that the title of the film already says a lot, but for some reason, I felt like the movie’s humor would be a great way to bond with this person and break the ice. However, it completely backfired. The movie showed how a character kept on making the same mistake over and over again by hopping from one relationship to another without giving herself the time to reflect and enjoy being single. My date had recently gotten out of a relationship herself, and throughout the entire film I felt super awkward and unable to make a single move. After leaving the theater, we said goodbye and never spoke again. If you don’t want to screw up your chances of going out with the person you like, avoid the following list of movies.


Gone Girl (2014) Dir. David Fincher

What you’ll find very uncomfortable about this movie is the relationship dynamic that the characters are living in. The movie follows the life of an unhappily married couple who get themselves into a dilemma after the wife runs away with her lover and a man-hunt to find her goes viral all over the media, turning her husband into the main suspect. The female protagonist is a master of manipulation, and this can make those first movie dates feel weird, as a catastrophic scenario where a relationship ends in chaos is portrayed.

Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) Dir. Joseph Ruben

Obsessing over a crush is normal as long as they don’t have to fake their deaths, change their identities, and even appearances in order to hide away from you. In this film, a woman with a dark past falls in love with a small-town man who doesn’t know a thing about the amount of baggage she carries with her. If you ever play this movie on a date, expect a lot of awkwardness as an obsessed villain takes on a psychotic quest to turn his ex-wife into his property.

Blue Valentine (2010) Dir. Derek Cianfrance

If there’s a movie out there that has earned the title of “relationship breaker,” it’s gotta be this one. I’m not kidding, many reviews point out that this film makes people break up. Why? Because the film goes deep into the past, present, and future of a relationship, starting with the young couple falling in love, living a romantic adventure, getting married, and eventually having a painful and ugly separation. Definitely not a film you would want to bring a date to, since you'll both be thinking about potential break ups in the future.

Friends with Benefits (2011) Dir. Will Gluck

The title says pretty much everything you need to know about this movie: if you want something more "serious" with your date, don't take them to see a movie about a no-strings-attached relationship. Even though there are a lot of funny scenes that are great for a first or second date, I believe that the sex scenes will make you both feel awkward AF. Think about it, if you haven’t had sex with your date yet, or haven’t actually talked about the direction in which the relationship is heading, then this movie would not be the one to take your date on since it’s all that it talks about.

He Is Really Not That Into You (2009) Dir. Ken Kwapis

I actually like this film a lot because there are many scenarios in which we see couples end up together. Yet, there is a lot of dating talk… you know, those dilemmas about whether guys should call first, or girls, and when you should start having sex (third date, apparently). So, if you just started dating someone, you could take some unnecessary pressure off your shoulders and avoid this movie.

Antichrist (2009) Dir. Lars von Trier

Partners are supposed to be supportive… even if the devil’s son is growing inside you. In this movie you’ll not only find a bizarre supernatural story, but also a couple’s struggle to find a connection with each other, share their emotions, and have sex in the woods. The movie will leave you with a strange WTF aftertaste, and some of the scenes are too uncomfortable to watch.


There are many reasons why you and your date would feel uncomfortable while watching a movie. Either the sex scenes are too graphic, the film shows the downside of being in a relationship, or the high expectations that come with romantic plots are too high to meet. Whatever the reasons are, not all movies are a bad option to watch. I would suggest going for something with comedy, even an animated film, which are likely to end well and get a big laugh out of you two. On the other hand, horror films are known for bringing you closer and even holding your date’s hand.

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