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After years and years under the public eye, Ariana Grande has behaved with poise, bravery, and empowerment in an industry that demands her to fit in a mold that should no longer exist.
From coping with loss to the future of his career, here’s what Nick Cave had to say during his Skeleton Tree tour.
Ska was the glue that held skinheads and working-class Jamaicans together in post-war England.
A month before his sudden death, John Bonham collapsed during a concert in Germany, after playing three songs: he was intoxicated.
"...Baby One More Time" is not only a song about gaining back the love of your significant other, but rather a nineties anthem that defined and changed twenty-first century pop culture.
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Those of us who grew up asking for more 'rakata' have reasons to spread the love for the latest reggaeton album by Wisin & Yandel, Los Campeones del Pueblo: The Big Leagues.
Latinos can finally brag about their culture and language being the top of the world, as we can see from the millions of views of this year’s YouTube's most popular music videos, which happen to be in Spanish.
Reggaeton has been widely demonized by media, society, and the music industry. Yet, the fascination and craving for this Latin American rhythm makes me wonder whether it represses those who listen to it, or gives us the chance to liberate ourselves from old-fashioned constraints.
Each year, the best songs, artists, and albums are recognized with one of the most influential awards in the industry.
Music videos are key in promoting musicians, songs, and albums. So, they must be extremely creative to captivate the audience. Here are 6 music videos inspired by important works of art.
From sweet teen love to painful heartbreak, these 10 Arctic Monkey songs will remind you of all your love stories and the nostalgia that come with them.
Paying tribute to the greatest teen movies of the last decade, Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” has a whole series of pop culture references that you don’t want to miss.
We got a chance to interview Orono Noguchi and Soul, members of the indie pop band Superorganism. Here’s what they had to say about their projects, their popularity, and the group’s future.