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These videos have become part of pop history and the favorites of lots of people. But where do we draw the line between cheesy and timeless?
There are tons of songs inspired by New York City, the beautiful and diverse city that has captivated the whole world.
Over the last ten years or so, K-Pop has burst into the global music scene, introducing fans to a new take on the genre as well as Korean culture.
It's said that music has charm to soothe savage your mood. Recent scientific studies show that, in fact, there are songs that cheer you up.
There is no greater pop star in the music industry than Beyoncé. She’s managed to stand out and develop her artistic freedom, inspiring people all over the world.
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After years and years under the public eye, Ariana Grande has behaved with poise, bravery, and empowerment in an industry that demands her to fit in a mold that should no longer exist.
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Musical legends abound, in a good way. But blind musical legends are far rarer, and they generally prove an amazing source of inspiration for the rest of us. Here are 7 legendary blind singers that, through their talent, forever changed the world of music.
Have you ever wondered about the origins of a great musician? There's probably a huge list of people who inspired them and helped them create their unique style. These are Amy Winehouse's influences.
As these songs show, more than a struggle with someone else, leaving a toxic love is a struggle with yourself.
David Bowie can be that guiding hand that will give you the strength and inspiration to look for new possibilities. What's the point in having your feet firmly on the ground if you can fly with music?