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These videos have become part of pop history and the favorites of lots of people. But where do we draw the line between cheesy and timeless?
There are tons of songs inspired by New York City, the beautiful and diverse city that has captivated the whole world.
Over the last ten years or so, K-Pop has burst into the global music scene, introducing fans to a new take on the genre as well as Korean culture.
It's said that music has charm to soothe savage your mood. Recent scientific studies show that, in fact, there are songs that cheer you up.
There is no greater pop star in the music industry than Beyoncé. She’s managed to stand out and develop her artistic freedom, inspiring people all over the world.
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She showed the whole world that life is a carnival and that the best way to live is with joy and music.
Only Marvel films have big enough budgets to actually get the rights of the best songs ever made.
New harassment allegations have piled up for the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
From chefs to astrophysicists, here are some celebrities who also have a regular job that has nothing to do with acting or music.
Miley Cyrus was grabbed by a stranger in Barcelona, and some people blamed her for it—so she rightly spoke out against the absurdity of victim blaming.
Rihanna has been named the richest female musician, now worth 600 million dollars. But she hasn’t released an album in years. Where does all this money come from?
The Billboard Music Awards are here, and they’re as exciting as ever. Here’s the complete winners list by category.
Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Camila Cabello, and Cardi B, are just a few of the many artists who decided to release their singles basically at the same time.