10 Arctic Monkeys Songs That Will Teach You About Love

10 Arctic Monkeys Songs That Will Teach You About Love

By: Daniel Morales Olea -

From sweet teen love to painful heartbreak, these 10 Arctic Monkey songs will remind you of all your love stories and the nostalgia that come with them.

Arctic Monkeys achieved fame in a very complicated and unusual way. They were only a band in Sheffield trying to do what another million teenagers were trying to do around the world: play in a rock band. Soon their songs went viral, a new concept in 2005, and without expecting it, their songs were top of the charts. At that time their music style was raw, and it could be expected that the topic of choice for their songs was love.

From the start, many of the songs composed by Alex Turner revolved around young love, but as time passed and their lives changed, so did the source of inspiration. For 10 years, we have grown up alongside one of the biggest bands of the moment, and if you have ever fallen in love, let them tell you a story that you will surely remember.

"Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts"

Love can be a vicious cycle. Girls date older men, who end up breaking their heart, then they date someone their age, and they are the heartbreakers. Turner suffered this cycle; being ignored because she prefers more "mature" men is something many guys suffer during their teens.

"Fluorescent Adolescent"

This song is not so romantic, but Alex Turner and his girlfriend of the time wrote it. This context mixed with childhood nostalgia is enough to make us remember our childhood crushes. We go back to the moments of idleness when two people could simply love each other before university and the pressures of adulthood.

"A Certain Romance"

To be young is to want to conquer the world and believe it is over when a something bad happens. "A Certain Romance" is the moment someone breaks your heart and you believe love is dead. The rose tinted stories your grandparents used to tell you and your love fantasies are crushed. There are only failed loves, heartbreak, lack of commitment, and deceit.


"Do I Wanna Know?"

Love is hard and with it comes pain. There are some relationships that are practice before reaching legitimate happiness and "Do I Wanna Know?" is an example. The repetitive and slow melody form part of this melancholic and resigned dialogue of someone who decides to be in an unhappy relationship just to avoid loneliness.


"Baby I'm Yours"

An original Barbara Lewis song, it has served as inspiration for performers like Cher, Jody Miller, Debby Boone, and others. While they didn’t compose it, "Baby I’m Yours" is one of their most romantic songs. After a series of failed relationships and suffering, you finally meet someone who makes you smile. This person lights up your days just by existing, and you can’t stop thinking about their face when you are far away. You swear eternal love without thinking twice, and you are more than sure of it.


Happiness is not made for the lovesick, and Turner discovered he is one of them. In "Cornerstone" he explores the moment when you can’t stop thinking about the person you lost, so much that you find refuge with people close to your ex no matter who they are, even if it is the sister of the person you love.

"Suck It And See"

The second love is always a paradox: you give it your all, but at the same time you hold back a bit more. It is not a wild love like "Baby I’m Yours," but it is the hesitant love that is weary of being broken. Soon you realize that your partner is not just anybody, and you decide to risk it all, no matter the consequences.


Reality and distance are factors that make the most beautiful of relationships crumble. Loving someone who is far away can be bearable, but it carries consequences. There are no guilty parties, since each is responsible for their own acts. If you have the expectations of reuniting with your loved one and have things carry on as normal, then you’re in for a surprise.

"Leave Before the Lights Come On"

Love is cyclical and mistakes are unavoidable. There is pain, insecurities, and wrongs that are committed when trying to recuperate the essence of a relationship. When pursuing a disastrous relationship, it is common that we hurt and alienate those closest to us, like our friends.

"Love Is A Laserquest"

Growing up means leaving behind bad memories, and sometimes this might seem impossible. To find closure, we sometimes have to show the person who hurt us how we don’t need them and reclaim the damage they caused. Love will always be painful, but at least we can stop pursuing it and wait for it to knock on your doorstep.


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