14 Most Erotic Rock Music Videos Of All Time

August 23, 2016

|Alejandro Arroyo Cano
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  "Without music, life would be a mistake." — Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche hit the nail on the head and we can all safely say that music is the food for the soul and as Shakespeare said, "let it play on!" It is clear this noted philosopher, referred to the complex and voluptuous compositions of Richard Wagner, one of his idols during the first stages of his philosophy. Without a doubt, music awakens our Dionysian spirit. 

Nietzsche couldn't foresee the transformation of music and the evolution of sound, the strings of violins and the clashing of cymbals of the great operettas would be overshadowed by strident sounds and grungy, earthy music. It is possible this German philosopher would accept the importance of rock music for the spirit of man. 

Rock music awakens our passions, elevating us to an artistic plane. If you think we are exaggerating, we invite you to look at these erotic music videos that will incite your wildest instincts. 

Tame Impala - 'The Less I Know The Better'

This Australian band won the hearts of countless of music fans by reviving the vintage sounds of rock. This music video is highly suggestive and the combination of intense colors impact our most hidden desires. 

The White Stripes - 'I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself'

It is thanks to this video that The White Stripes became a household name at the beginning of the 2000s. The video is quite simple: a scantly dressed Kate Moss dancing sensually, who could ask for more? 

A Place to Bury Strangers - 'You Are The One'

The idea behind this New York City band is quite simple: have a party where girls are dancing freely with little clothes on. It is not a vulgar video because behind the sensuality, a powerful story unfolds. Any excess leads to a violent emotion, and that is what rock is all about. 

Depeche Mode - 'Strange Love'

During this period, Depeche Mode worked hand in hand with Dutch photographer, Anton Corbijn, who was the mastermind behind the idea of creating a video for each song of the album Music for the Masses. The end result is a 46 minute long film.  

Garbage - 'I Think I'm Paranoid'

A simple black and white video where we see Shirley Manson dancing with a dress that leaves little to the imagination. If you haven't seen or heard this song, then it is the perfect time to do so. 

Metallica - 'Whiskey In The jar'

All rock lovers have assiduously followed Metallica at least once in their life and their trajectory is so well documented there is little to say on the matter. This video is a musician's dream come to life: alcohol, women, and parties. What more could you ask?

Fiona Apple - 'Criminal' 

This song won the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. There is no better way to describe this song than with an erotic video, in it we see the artist in the last hours of a party where shame disappears behind the fog of alcohol and the body is set free. 

Massive Attack - 'Ritual Spirit'

There is nothing more erotic than the natural feminine body. This band from Bristol, UK, opted to subtly play with desire and the occult. The video only shows flashes of a woman's body moving in the darkness. 

Billy Idol - 'Cradle Of Love'

In the 1980s, Billy Idol was a sex symbol and he made of use of this label to the maximum. The video shows a femme fatale seducing a bored man and woven in between are images of the rockstar. Today it is not considered to be an explicit video, but it is suggestive and when it was launched it created heated controversy. 

Mötley Crüe - 'Girls, Girls, Girls'

The name of the song says it all: women, women, and more women. Wasn't rock music created to get girls?

Chris Isaak - 'Wicked Game'

Chris Isaak is probably the man with the most sensual voice of all times and combining this with rockabilly look, makes him irresistible. The video is an erotic poem that is accompanied with the sensual notes only Chris knows how to create. 

Sigur Rós - 'Fjögur píanó'

Sigur Rós is an Icelandic post-rock band influenced by a touch of shoegazing and minimalism. The song has a slow, gentle quality that is the perfect accompaniment for an erotic encounter between Shia LeBeouf and Denna Thomsen. The video was directed by Alma Har'el, who has also worked with Beirut, The Rolling Stones, and Bajofondo.  

Aerosmith - Crazy

Listening to this song will immediately take you back to a past experience or erotic memory. This song has been profiled across countless soundtracks for films and TV series that also wish to recreate that suggestive effect. 

Queens of the Stone Age - 'In My Head'

This rock band has garnered a significant following across the world. "In My head" shows what every man is thinking about all the time: women. 

Alejandro Arroyo Cano

Alejandro Arroyo Cano