20 Songs From The 90s For Your Life's Soundtrack

20 Songs From The 90s For Your Life's Soundtrack

By: Josue Brocca -

Have you ever wondered how your life would be like if it had background music? 

The truth is that it does. However, you're just not aware of how important these tracks are until you recall them in the future. Then, you realize you can relate many of your experiences to the songs you've listened to the most at some moment of your life. In this way, it's as if the billboard was slowly paving the roads of your memory. Hearing an old song brings you back to the past, sparking waves of emotion that you thought already forgotten. Therefore, you can actually build your past out of the songs you heard back then. You just need to remember really well which tunes you were blasting at a specific moment of your life. 

Since many of us long for our childhood —particularly kids from the amazing nineties—, here's a guide for you to take a trip down memory lane. Build your life's soundtrack and odds are you'll get some surprises.

Hanson — "Mmmbop" (1997)

Love 'em or hate 'em, these three blonde brothers will have you singing to their bubble-gum cloying pop without you even noticing how they got into your brain. 

90s songs soundtrack life

Blackstreet — "No Diggity" (1996)

This sweet R&B vibes would get to you with Dr. Dre's intro verse. Remember the tight beat? So much soul in just 4:32 minutes.


Nirvana — "Smells Like Teen Spirit"  (1991)

90s songs soundtrack life

Cobain's gritty guitar riff was your introduction to grunge, and perhaps to rock music as a whole. Too bad he despised the guts out of this smashing hit that'd made you head bang like a crazy bobble head toy.


Haddaway — "What is Love"  (1993)

Nineties' techno was just so good that even now clubs keep bursting this smashingly good hit. Don't you just love how many layers of synths manage to enfold you in a wave of bone-rattling vibes?


Jamiroquai – "Cosmic Girl" (1996)

Indeed, listening to a song about a girl from outer space who has come to steal Jay Kay's heart would always take you on a funky trip to outer space.


La Bouche — "Be My Lover" (1995)

Is there any song today that makes you want to move your hips and numb your mind, singing "lalalaridadarara" over the shaky tempo of a drum pad that sounds as if it came from the Pleistocene era? I guess not.


Aqua — "Barbie Girl" (1997)

90s songs soundtrack life

Aqua's whacky idea of writing a song from the point of view of the most beloved doll of all times showed us that, as ludicrous as a song's may be, pop culture will always appreciate acts of boldness and wacky colors. 

Eagle-Eye Cherry – "Save Tonight" (1997)

Eagle-Eye Cherry's chorus was so sticky you would just go along with it, pretending to be strumming an acoustic guitar, when you really didn't even know what was happening. 

R. Kelly — "I Believe I Can Fly" (1996)

Probably if you watched Space Jam and listened to R. Kelly's voice at the beginning of the movie, tears would instantly fill your eyes. 

Vanilla Ice  — "Ice Ice Baby" (1990)

Because nothing will sound so luxuriously zany as a white MC throwing some verses over a beat sampled from the two-note bass line of Queen's "Under Pressure."
 Tacky as it might be, you somehow know it'll always get your inner child jumpin' and pumpin'.

90s songs soundtrack life

Coolio — “Gangsta’s Paradise” (1995)
Just like Coolio’s amazing intro for the show Kenan and Kel, this song stirred the darkest emotions within yourself, probably making you feel tougher than you truly were when it came out. Still, you appreciate how much of a mafioso it made you feel like when you listened to this song when your parents weren’t around.


Seal — "Kiss from a Rose"  (1994)

Seal's epic song would have you chanting like a mermaid's back-up singer. What a roller-coaster of melody and emotion.


Britney Spears — "...Baby One More Time" (1999)

There's no way you can be neutral on Britney. Her royal first single turned her into a queen from the moment she utters the words "Oh, baby, baby."  The following a meaty bass line still make us want to copy her gym dance sequence. 

90s songs soundtrack life

Savage Garden — "Truly, Madly, Deeply" (1997)

Has there ever been a more beautiful sequence of adverbs in the history of the English language? I'm pretty sure there isn't. The Australian duo's pop hit is probably one of those songs you listen to every so often when you get in touch with your romantic side. 

 Blink 182 — "All The Small Things" (1999)

As a kid, you probably found Blink 182  hilarious and their tunes so catchy that, even if your age hadn't reached two digits, you were totally into the idea of getting a lip ring like Tom Delonge's.

Notorious B.I.G.— "Big Poppa"  (1994)

90s songs soundtrack life
Biggie's savvy verses showed you the bold power of rhyme before you could even spell, and for that, you will be forever grateful. 

 Bon Jovi — "Always"  (1995)

This is, actually, a song for the broken-hearted.  A timeless classic for romantics in need of the gut-wrenching power of a ballad.


 Smashing Pumpkins - "1979" (1995)

Perfectly capturing the essence of the turn of the century, Billy Corgan's song manages to create a perfect balance of teen angst and rebellion. I don't blame you if you probably just liked the soothing flow of Corgan's acoustic guitar. 

Green Day  - "Basket Case" (1994)

Green Day's Dookie from 1994 made happy-punk the favorite music genre of rebels with a soft spot for simple, cherry flavored tunes. 


Backstreet Boys — "I Want It That Way" (1999)

The mellowest and mightiest hit from any boyband ever. If you haven't prepared a mock routine of this song with your friends, you're probably failing as a clique. Get things moving, although there might be trouble over who gets to play Nick Carter.

Is there any other song you would add to your childhood soundtrack? 

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