10 Songs That'll Wake You Up Better Than Your Alarm Clock

10 Songs That'll Wake You Up Better Than Your Alarm Clock

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By: Josué Brocca

July 19, 2017

Music 10 Songs That'll Wake You Up Better Than Your Alarm Clock
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By: Josué Brocca

July 19, 2017

There's nothing worse than waking up, right?

Everybody can relate to this tormenting experience. Hearing that nasty alarm feels like an awful slap in the face. It's insulting and violent, and each time it wakes us up, it makes us start our day on a sour note. Being brought back to life with a shrilling ringtone is quite an unpleasant experience, and as our first contact with the world for the day this can alter our attitude throughout the day. Who can face the world with good spirits when we're violently woken up by an 8-bit version of the Mexican Hat Dance?

10 Songs Thatll Wake You Up Better Than Your Alarm Clock 1

Luckily, there's been some serious research on the science of waking up. David Greenberg, a Psychology PhD from Cambridge, has come up with evidence that certain songs can turn our process of waking into a more gentle experience. According to him, there are three main elements that make these songs fit for our alarms. To take us away from Morpheus’s arms, these songs need three main traits: positivity, a strong beat, and music in crescendo. The reason for this is that positive lyrics can shift our attitude from a grumpy state to a more happy-go-lucky sort of vibe. Strong beats with an emphasized drum and bass make us want to move, and when the music starts gently and builds up gradually, it's easier for us to follow its flow.


Are you ready to improve your mornings by just changing your alarm clock?



"Ain't No Mountain High Enough", Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell


You probably remember this one as the locker-room song from Disney's epic Remember the Titans and how it rattled your bones to see the whole football team dancing to its rhythm. Listening to Marvin's inspiring voice first thing in the morning will only make you stand up straight out of bed and dance.

"Feel Right", Mark Ronson


Is there anything that could motivate you more than a powerful frenzy of verses followed by a band of saxophones playing with the vigor of a marching band? I think not.

"Lose Yourself to Dance", Daft Punk


Nothing better to inspire you to get out of bed than a tight palm-muted guitar strumming with some old-school bass slapping eighties style. Once you hear the clapping in the first chorus, you'll quickly find yourself getting ready for the day without any major complication.

"Pop Thieves (Make It Feel Good)", Childish Gambino


Gambino's dreamy tune can help you face the day in an awesome mood, making you feel as if you were about to spend a pleasant day on the beach.

"Sweet Life", Frank Ocean


Listening to that meaty bass followed with those sweet synths will make you open your eyes and see the world as a much more amiable place than what you would've thought before.

"Can I Kick It - J. Cole Remix", A Tribe Called Quest


Following the chill beat, you'll numbly walk out from bed and face the mirror. Then, you'll be asking yourself the title question, over and over again. Isn't it a powerful mantra?

"Every Morning", Sugar Ray


This nineties’ classic is definitely a feel good tune you’ll want to hear often. It's incredible how much power the right combination of major chords can exert over our mood.

"Montezuma", Fleet Foxes


Few things can be as pleasant as listening to a warm string harmony. Waking up to this song feels as natural and organic as if our eyes were opened by a slowly rising sun. Perfect for weekends.

"Good Vibrations", Beach Boys


Although the song starts fairly chill, once the voices of all the Beach Boys start singing in the chorus, you'll wake up excited to join them and repeat all of their quirky mumbles as you start to prepare everything you need to go out. Besides, making your mindset open to good vibrations will make you feel as though there's nothing in the world that could get you in a bad mood.

"Happy", Pharrell Williams


It sure may be a cliché, but Pharrell's song has the power of lifting up an army in the worst of situations. Just following along the words of the song will give you a positive attitude to face the day ahead.

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