10 Choreographies Every 90s Baby Secretly Knows By Heart

10 Choreographies Every 90s Baby Secretly Knows By Heart

By: Hugo Marquez -

Don’t you dare deny it: we all know at least one of these choreographies from the 10 best 90s pop songs and dance moves.

Kids these days will never know what it was like to wait for hours, watching MTV, so you could catch your favorite music video and learn its choreography. Back in the day, right before the internet boom, and way, way before YouTube, we had no choice but to sit through the whole broadcast either on MTV or VH1. Then, you would stand right in front of the TV and try to memorize every single one of the moves of pop stars such as Britney, Michael Jackson or *NSYNC.

Those who were lucky enough had the chance to record their favorite music videos and play them over and over again. The rest of us, though, had like 4 or 5 chances to see the choreographies, so we had to do our best and learn them by heart as quickly as possible. If you were as relentless as I was, I had to learn most of these choreographies in less than a week, so I could impress the rest of the class or brag about it at family parties (yes, that’s part of the challenge of growing up queer. It’s hard to keep up, right?). So, turn it up, play these songs and see if you can still remember the choreographies of some of the best 90s pop songs.

“U Can’t Touch This” (1990) - MC Hammer

One of the most famous R&B songs of the decade, "U Can't Touch This" samples Rick James’ “Super Freak,” and features some iconic, puffy yellow pants and the cue: “hammer time.” Play this song and you'll see everybody going from side to side and shaking their legs. A true classic.

“Vogue” (1990) - Madonna

Okay, for those of us who grew up in the 1990s, it was impossible not to know this choreography. Either because we were old enough to watch it on MTV, or because of its many references in pop culture, once it's played at any party or dance club, we can’t help but do our best impression of voguing.

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“Achy Breaky Heart” (1992) - Billy Ray Cyrus

Any wedding, no matter where, must, needs, and demands the "Achy Breaky Heart" choreography to be considered a “successful wedding.” If you still don’t know the moves that made Miley Cyrus’ dad famous around the world, then why have your friends even bothered to send you an invitation?

“Macarena” (1993) - Los Del Rio

La Macarena, also known as “Spanish 101 for the eager foreigner,” has one of the catchiest and simplest choreographies ever. The moves are easy to pick up, and you know you looked funny when you did it along with your aunts, mom, and grandma. 

“Scream” (1995) - Michael and Janet Jackson

Everybody needs to know at least two choreographies from the King of Pop. I know that “Thriller,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “Beat It” are much more famous, but these moves are the only ones we should rescue from the 90s. It’s worth a shot partnering up and giving them a try.

“Saturday Night” (1995) - Whigfield

You know you got a few minutes left before the bar closes when they play this song, so you better jump in and try to keep track of the rhythm. You can tell all those people on the dance floor, with their happy faces, were for sure the cool kids back in 90s.

“Everybody” (1997) - Backstreet Boys

Now, let’s get real serious. This choreography is not for the faint of heart because you have to sing along while getting down on the floor, with one hand as support, then twirl around as you stand up and end with your head and hands moving from one side to the other. The song that made the Backstreet Boys the most iconic boy band in music history, just right after The Beatles.

“Baby One More Time” (1998) - Britney Spears 

It’s been more than 20 years since “Baby One More Time” ruled the charts around the world. The choreography is perhaps the most iconic of choreographies ever, so you’ll see any 90s kid, no matter how un-pop they may be, singing along while throwing their right hand from side to side, bending over, standing up with a kick and then shaking their arm from side to side.

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“5, 6, 7 ,8” (1998) - Steps

Josh Thomas brought back to life this catchy song on the second episode of the critically-acclaimed series Please Like Me (2013). The British band didn’t make enough noise in the Americas because we had lots and lots of boy, girl, and boy-girl bands. Yet, I bet you’ll see more than a few trying to bring their “cowboy meets pop” moves.

“Bye Bye Bye” (2000) - *NSYNC

Last but not least, we finished the decade with the NSYNC song that put them on the international charts. It is not that hard to dance and all you need is to go along with whomever is trying to recreate the moves that once made Justin Timberlake’s curls so dreamy.

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