The Best Music Festivals In Latin America You Didn't Know Existed

The Best Music Festivals In Latin America You Didn't Know Existed

By: Ariel Rodriguez -

Besides the party and the music, these festivals held all over the region offer the chance to visit a different country.

When most people think about visiting Latin America, music festivals are probably the last thing to come to mind. But believe it or not, some of the best festivals ever take place all year round in this continent where music, cool fashion, and diverse crowds come together to create the perfect atmosphere. So, what’s the difference between festivals like Coachella in California and other festivals in Latin America? Well, for instance, you can attend events like EDC, Ultra, and Lollapalooza with cheaper ticket prices throughout this region, while also visiting a different country you hadn't been to before. I would say that's enough reasons, but you'll also be experiencing the beauty of other cultures that speak the same love for music language you do. With that being said, here are the best festivals you should book for your next adventure.

The Best Music Festivals In Latin America You Didnt Know Existed 1

Bogotá, Colombia: Estéreo Picnic

For less than $200 USD for an entire three-day weekend in the capital of Colombia, you’ll get to experience the energy and live music from artists like Gorillaz, Lana del Rey, and The Killers, who'll also be playing alongside many other alternative music artists. March 2018 marked the ninth edition of this festival, which started in 2010. This event started as a platform for national artists only, but in 2013, a marketing strategy turned the festival into Colombia’s most successful one by featuring several international DJs and bands. Some of the artists who have played on this stage before are Empire of the Sun, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tiesto, and Calle 13, to name a few.

Monterrey, Mexico: Wish Outdoor

This one-day event in the hot city of Monterrey features DJs like Afrojack, D-Block & S-te-fan, Kikeone, Frontliner, and Yellow Claw, among others, playing on two separate main stages: “Dedicated Stage” for EDM and “Bud Light Devoted Stage” for hardstyle. The festival changes locations and even countries every year, but it seems it never leaves Mexico out from its tour list. Among its many features, the colorful festival features mechanical attractions, fireworks, and dazzling lights to make people dance. There are VIP tickets available, but general admission is around $100 USD.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Rock in Rio

You've probably heard of this festival before since it's internationally famous, but you probably didn’t know that it originated in Brazil and then branched out to countries like Lisbon, Madrid, and Las Vegas. In its very first opening event, 1985, the festival featured bands and artists like Queen, George Benson, Rod Stewart, and AC/DC. It is believed to be one of the largest festivals in the world, and it might also be the longest one since it takes place for about 10 days straight. In 2017, Rock in Rio 7 featured bands and singers like Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake, Aerosmith, and Bon Jovi, among many others. There have not been any announcements for another concert in 2018 or 2019, but there will likely be one coming after that.

Córdoba, Argentina: Cosqui Rock

If you are all about different rock music genres, you’ll definitely love this festival that features just that and more. The two-day event attracts more than 100 thousand people every year, and it offers separate stages where different bands play at the same time; some of them are meant for special genres like heavy metal and reggae. The price is very affordable, and there is even an app that guides users through the different areas and stages.

Santa María, Colombia: Storyland Music Festival

If electronic music is your thing, you’ll love this music festival that takes place every January. In 2018, 6 years after its first opening event, the festival moved from the city of Cartagena to Santa María, where they have a beach. This large event with a capacity for 35 thousand people, features awesome stage design, lighting, and fireworks that suit the theme of techno music. Among the many artists who have participated in the festival are David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Richi Hawtin, and Afrojack, to name a few. Prices for general admission for both days are under $100 USD.

There are many other festivals to keep an eye on. For example, there’s Ceremonia, which fuses different musical genres and takes place in Mexico. Other very popular festivals that have been around for more than a decade and feature Latin American rock and pop music are Viña del Mar in Chile and Vive Latino in Mexico. You can also find other branded international festivals that come and go in these regions. EDC, for instance, takes place in different cities in Mexico every year, and Ultra prefers to switch between countries like Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.


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