5 Books you didn’t know are the story behind famous songs

Books hit differently on every single person and in the case of these artists, they worked perfectly as a musical inspiration that none of us can stop singing now.

Literature has impacted our lives in so many ways throughout history. To some people it is a great escape from reality, to others it is a way of appreciating art, others love its learning purpose and a lot more get so inspired from what they read, that they even portray it on great songs that we still sing and vibe up to this day.

If we think about it, music can also be a good way of recommending books. You could discover more good stories that you may never would’ve thought about reading and also, thinking about the possibility that your favorite 3-minute song comes from a larger novel whose history deepens further in between its pages may sound quite exciting for some of you.


Whatever the case may be, we have created this list full of book-inspired songs that are perfect to create your dream literature playlist or add to your TBR list.

Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie

We’ve all felt lonely sometime in our adulthood, wishing that we could go back in time for an instant to when we had way fewer worries, just like a Lost Boy in Neverland. So for those types of moments, we have this special song, Lost Boy by Ruth B, that was inspired by one of the most popular children’s classics.


Its lyrics will make you remember how it is like to feel lost in today’s world as well as the fact that stories can always work as an escape to those lonely, sad and overwhelming times.

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

We love Romeo and Juliet retailing, especially through music and Taylor’s voice.

Although the main story behind “Love Story” by Taylor Swift is based on one of the singer’s real-life relationships (like most of them are), she really took advantage of this Shakespeare romance to convey the true essence of her feelings and make it relatable to her listeners. Through its lyrics, Swift expresses her own love story as if she was talking about the classic couple, just with the slightest difference that, on Taylor´s version, the ending is happier than the real book.


In Watermelon Sugar by Richard Brautigan

The Billboard hit, “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles is another song that comes along with a literary reference within its verses. Even though the singer has confessed that its meaning leans more towards female sexuality, he has also shared the fact that when they were in the composition process, Brautigan´s book was laying nearby and from there, the song got its well-known name that later on would boost its popularity over the roofs.

The Hunger Games, Mockingjay part 1 by Suzanne Collins

Our favorite Mockingjay served as the inspiration behind Lorde’s song “Yellow Flicker Beat”, with which she connects the listener to what Katniss must have felt throughout this whole plotline. From the giant personality that she became for each of the Districts to her helplessness over what has happened to her loved ones, this song really gets you into her feelings.


The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald

If you love the setting and characters of this classic story, then “Young and Beautiful” by Lana del Rey is a song that you must add to your playlist ASAP. Its lyrics submerge you inside the head and feelings of Daisy Buchanan towards the novel’s main character in a way that, just in 4 minutes, will convince you to get and read this book thoroughly.

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