Demi Lovato Identifies As They/Them And Has Officially Changed To Non-binary Pronouns

Demi Lovato Identifies As They/Them And Has Officially Changed To Non-binary Pronouns

By: Chabe Cara -

Demi revealed on Twitter they identify as non-binary claiming this is their truth. The singer claims this comes as a revelation after a time of "healing and self-reflective work."

About a month ago, Disney Star and singer Demi Lovato talked about their sexuality in an interview with Joe Rogan on his show The Joe Rogan Experience. Back then they revealed they identified as pansexual, and adding to the conversation yesterday Lovato opened up on their Twitter account about identifying as non-binary and changing her pronouns to they/them.

Although some fans were confused about the change of terms about their sexuality, in fact both are perfectly valid since pansexuality refers more to a sexual orientation while non-binarism is more related to gender identity. 

demi lovato with short pink hair and a checkered coat

Yesterday’s announcement was the launching episode of their new podcast project called 4D with Demi Lovato, in which they will deal with subjects about identity, social movements, creative projects, as well as issues that concern the community. The idea, as they claim, is to open up discussions about relevant topics so that everybody can feel included in today’s conversations.

On this first episode, Demi deepened on their decision to change their pronouns by saying they “felt that those best represent the fluidity [they] feel in [their] gender expression”. They added it was the best way to actually feel more authentic and true to their person to which they are still discovering. 

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This podcast project, in which they will also be dealing with their own personal matters and processes, is no surprise since Demi has always been very vocal about vulnerable moments of their life like addiction, depression, and issues with her body-image; subjects that will likely be dealt with on the podcast as well.

Fans reacted positively to Demi’s reveal showing them love, respect, and praise. More importantly, they applauded their boldness and willingness to speak up about subjects that are still ‘polemic’ in the mainstream media. Their declaration is a huge step for non-binary individuals who are seeking representation in the industry.

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Demi shared a small clip, however, in the full episode the singer spoke with Alok Vaid-Menon, a renowned author and performance that centers on gender-nonconformism. Every episode will feature an important guest on the matter dealt with.

You’ll be able to join Demi Lovato’s conversation every Wednesday on whatever podcast platform you use! Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek:

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