Hardcore Music And Other Sounds Inspired By Nietzschean Philosophy

Music Hardcore Music And Other Sounds Inspired By Nietzschean Philosophy


Beyond the more commercially successful genres of electronic music, such as EDM or productions from Pop Culture icons like LCD Sound System, The Chemical Brothers, or Underworld, there are other artists who have left their mark in the music we currently love. We’re talking about the scene that existed in England, Germany, and Belgium, where the Acid House, Industrial Techno, EBM, and New Beat styles were created. One thing to keep in mind is that this revolution began with M, also known as MDMA.

Hardcore Protopunk Scene MDMA
With that jolt of energy that came from consuming more and more ecstasy, people started requesting more aggressive sounds. The House and Techno that hailed from Detroit were no longer enough for a night of partying. So, the rational side of music was stripped in favor of a raw sample of darkness. This is where Europe’s Hardcore scene began.
According to Simon Reynolds, “Proto-Punk and Hardcore Techno are an intransitive wave of pointless aggression.” Instead of being a personal form of expression, in this genre music is like a force field where the individual suspends their consciousness and endows it with maximum delight. This has led to several people referring to this genre as hedonistic, given its relation to drug use and release of impulses.

Hardcore Protopunk Scene Drugs
If we add the aggressiveness and raw aspect of the samples, we’ll find music inspired by Nietzsche, the philosopher known for writing ideas as hurtful and powerful as a hammer aimed at your head. It’s no surprise, then, that Hardcore became so popular in Germany.
The following songs are further proof of that dark world to which everyone is invited, yet few choose to enter. If you like heavy sounds and wild nights, then get ready to meet paradise.


Chicago House crossed the Atlantic to rattle the minds of British youth. They drove Acid House and rampant drug use to the edge. When the beat was not fast enough to keep up with a cocktail of mind-bending substances, they started to speed up the track to make way for a new form of Techno. These were some of Hardcore tunes that you were likely to encounter at a rave.


In an interview with iD magazine, Caspar Pound, founder of Rising High Records, praised the German scene: “It’s stronger, darker, scary (…) I don’t like going to a club and seeing 600 people waving their arms with smiles on their faces. I like to watch 600 people in a dark, torrid place; it’s not a question of happiness, it’s something more aggressive, more intense.”


The New Beat was based on the Acid House, Electric Body Music, and Industrial genres. This makes it into a complex, robust, heavy, and deafening structure that could play all night and never have a passive, slow moment. This is why it’s so popular in Europe, where people search for intense and untamed emotions. If you’re looking for an epic party like the ones found in Brussels, Berlin, or Amsterdam, go for New Beat.

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Translated by María Suárez