Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener

Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener

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By: Hugo Marquez

August 2, 2018

Music Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener
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By: Hugo Marquez

August 2, 2018

Lollapalooza 2018 is being held this weekend in Chicago so, have you done your check-list already?

Tickets: check

Wristbands: check

Lollapalooza 2018 Mobile App: check

Tips to maintain the beauty and charm of the most famous park in Illinois while reducing your environmental footprint during the longest weekend in summer?: ...

*stares in silence*

Grand Park in Chicago may not be as big and iconic as Central Park but sure it has its charm. Yes, the New York park is a “must visit” place in the United States but, does it host the second most important and recognized music festival, right after Coachella, in the US? Well, nah-ah.

Lollapalooza is one of the biggest and most famous franchises when it comes to music festivals. It hosts representative bands and solo artists in the music industry through its different worldwide stages: Chile, Argentina, Germany, France, Brazil…the festival is all over the place. Thousands of people gather in order to enjoy music and nature right at the high peak of the summertime in Chicago. But with great power comes great responsibilities.

Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener 1

Photo: Roger Ho/ Lollapalooza 2017.

People in music festivals at natural reserves are dangerous, mainly because of pollution. Just imagine the amount of waste one person produces a day. Now picture thousands of people and add the “party” factor to it. Can you see the danger now? Nevertheless, Lollapalooza is quite aware of the damage a crowd can create to nature so they decided to take action, but not just by themselves.

Rock and Recycle is a program that encourages people to join as activists, either as staff or patrons, regarding trash collection. For example, if you collect one bag of recyclables you will get a commemorative t-shirt and the chance to win a bike or tickets to the 2019 festival. Also, they have come with strategies so people will feel comfortable and keen to avoid pollution. For example, the logistics in design and setting of trash cans: colors, labels and location of bins are ways in which patrons are told where and how to throw waste.

This is just one of the many options Lollapalooza offers to create environmental awareness. Nowadays, we can also count on Lolla Cares, a group of organizations that invites audiences to become more curious, aware and eager to make a difference to a diversity of causes. Either to exhort people to vote, support children in need or the refugee crisis, Lollapalooza gives you the chance to know where and how to act if you are keen to make a difference. However, keep in mind that environmental responsibility is not an option. Nature gives you the setting and the vibe for the perfect concert, so the least you can do is to take care of it.

Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener 2

Photo by Katrina Barber / Lollapalooza 2017.

Tips to be eco-friendly at Lollapalooza

You can go straight to the official website of the festival, but, for practical purposes here are some easy ways to reduce your environmental footprint during concerts and to preserve the beauty of the park:

  • Go digital: Use the app. There you can have your tickets, lineup, schedule, announces and emergency tips.
  • Ride a bike: Grand Park is not that far from the the central areas of Chicago, so why don’t you grab that bike, get your friends and enjoy the beauty of the view while you commute over there?
  • Public Transportation: Alright, alright. We don’t want to get you all sweaty and exhausted to the festival. So, try public transportation. Imagine those dollars you will save in Uber, or parking and gas and that can be spent in something else (a beer wouldn’t be bad).
  • Support the vendors: We know you are not supposed to bring in your own food and containers, so better pay for whatever vendors offer. All them adjust to ecological regulations: eco-friendly napkins and plates, and NO Styrofoam, plastic bags, individual containers and dressers. Also, they compost organic waste.

Lollapalooza 2018: Rhythm Had Never Been Greener 3

Photo by Katrina Barber / Lollapalooza 2017.

  • Bring your own bottle: Careful, glass is not permitted at the park, so better grab a reusable water bottle since there will be several water stations.
  • No cigarettes: I mean, seriously? You are in one of the most beautiful parks in the States, surrounded by clean fresh air and nature, and you want to go ahead and pollute air, earth, body and soul? I mean… I can’t even.
  • Aerosol containers: We know there is a chance of body odor because of sweating after many hours outdoors. And we are also aware of the dangers of sun exposure, but these containers are not permitted for they are dangerous and, yes, not eco-friendly whatsoever. Bring deodorant on a stick and sunscreen on any other presentation.

Here’s the link for more information regarding what to and not to bring.

The Festival received last year the Illinois Sustainability Award as a result of their efforts to maintain the integrity of the park so, if you were lucky enough to get tickets for the festival, make solidarity your festive statement. Join the Rock and Recycle, and get to know one of the many organizations of Lolla Care. From now, indifference is unacceptable. And here is a list with tips for you to make this Lollapalooza a remarkable experience. Mind the park, take care, enjoy yourself and give us millennials a good reputation!


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Cover photo by Katrina Barber / Lollapalooza 2017.