“Love” songs you should never dedicate to your partner (unless you mean it)

If you’re looking to make a corny playlist, or choosing the song that represents your feelings, try avoiding the following.

Valentine’s Day is a perfect date to tell your special someone about how you feel. For most people, putting into words their true feelings can be quite challenging, and fortunately, more witty and creative people have already created beautiful and heartfelt songs we can just borrow.

Still, there are many songs that we’ve taken as really romantic, but, in fact, they’re the kind of cringey love or talking about something completely different. So, if you’re looking to make a corny playlist, or choosing the song that represents your feelings, try avoiding the following. More importantly, if someone dedicates one of these to you, you better run for your life!


‘There She Goes’ by The La’s

We’ve heard this song thousands of times in movies and series, especially when describing the love interest of a determined character. Now, at first, it might sound as if the song was talking about that rush and those intoxicating sensations we feel when starting to fall for someone, but actually, the song talks about another type of intoxicating subject. Yep, you got it. The trick is in the line “pulsing through my veins.” Got it?!

‘Song to the Siren’ by Tim Buckley

Imagine being compared to something as beautiful as a mermaid? Well, this ain’t Disney, and as mermaid’s lore tells us, being enticed by one of them might not be the most romantic or positive thing. Well, the song talks about that, that allurement and excitement he feels, and how at the end he gets fooled, by the beauty of this creature, and ends up being left “broken lovelorn on your rocks.”


‘I Will Always Love You’ by Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston

Let’s admit that the chorus is compelling and really moving, especially when paired with the extraordinary voice of Whitney Houston. However, as its writer has declared, this isn’t precisely a love song, but one of a breakup and that feeling of not wanting to move on and let go. Best not jinx it by dedicating it to your SO.

‘More Than Words’ by Extreme

This might sound like a very nice ballad (I mean, couples have made it their first dance song at their weddings), but it’s actually quite a creepy song. If you really pay attention to the lyrics, it’s actually a gaslighting song about trying to emotionally extort the other into sleeping with them. It’s basically saying, “I need you to prove that you love me by sleeping with me.” Gross!


‘Marry You’ by Bruno Mars

This one got quite popular among couples a couple of years ago, and who can blame it, it certainly has some very catchy tunes! Now, this song doesn’t have a secret or a double meaning, it’s a classic example of how we just pay attention to what we want. The song is literally about being bored (and/or drunk) and doing something stupid. The guy doesn’t even love their partner they just want to spice the night up. Don’t believe me? This line says it all: “If we wake up and you wanna break up that’s cool / No, I won’t blame you / It was fun, girl.”

‘When a Man Loves a Woman’ by Percy Sledge

This is another classic one I hate breaking the illusion for you. You might think this is a tender song about men getting vulnerable when they’re in love, you know a positive vulnerability, but it’s actually about how being in love makes you act like an idiot. Actually, the song was written after a breakup, so it makes sense it puts love as a burden that makes you lose yourself.


‘You’re Beautiful’ - James Blunt

Let’s finish the list with the worst of all. You might already know this one, but if someone dedicates it to you, you better run! As Blunt himself has clarified, this isn’t a romantic song, it’s a tune about a really high guy stalking on a woman (who’s accompanied by her partner) and telling her all sorts of awkward and uncomfortable things. Sorry to the millions who chose this as their wedding song.

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