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Put your headphones on! These are some of the positive effects music has on you

Por: Alexa Martínez23 de abril de 2022

Music not only makes you dance, but also has many effects on your brain and mental health.

Music is something incredible. It can cheer you up at a party, on a wonderful day or accompany you in your saddest love breakups; making it a very powerful tool, more than many believe. Music has been used as therapy, where health professionals seek that through music, patients find the necessary support to deal with their emotions and learn to control them.

So, in order for you to decide once and for all to turn on your speakers and enjoy your favorite tunes, these are some positive effects music has on your mental health.

Reduce anxiety and depression as well help relaxation

A recent study showed that instrumental, classical, or ambient music can help reduce anxiety by up to 65%; using music therapy by an exercise listening and composing therapeutic music to promote mental rehabilitation.

Nothing’s better than switching your mind off after a long day, and playing music is a simple way to relax your mind, it releases tension, and your muscles and also carries away stress and anxiety. It can also be an effective way to fall asleep.

Improve focus and memory

Classical music helps the mind to focus and increases the brain’s ability to process information, but not only classical music; it has been shown that EDM helps sharpen focus while you’re studying. So you better know which music is right to reach the level of concentration you need.

It has even been recommended and proven for those who are learning a new language to listen to music in the language they are studying, as they can sing along and improve their pronunciation and vocabulary knowledge.

Elevate your mood

When you’re having a bad day we recommend you listen to happy songs as loud as you can. The musical tones and some lyrics will definitely elevate your mood and make you feel better for the day; for example, fast-paced music will get your brain and body moving.

Manage pain

In 2015, it was shown that those patients who listened to music before and after going into surgery had less pain and anxiety than those who didn’t.

Likewise, a study was also conducted where music therapy was tested in patients with fibromyalgia who demonstrated a great improvement in terms of the pain they felt four weeks after listening to music as part of their treatment.

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