How Pissing Into A Stereo Started The Gallagher Feud

How Pissing Into A Stereo Started The Gallagher Feud

Music How Pissing Into A Stereo Started The Gallagher Feud

Since Oasis became a popular band, all the frictions between the Gallagher brothers have been well-known. But what exactly sparked this family feud?

Oh, siblings, those annoying beings we are forced to live with but without whom we can't really picture our lives. It’s like a universal law that at one point in your life you’re going to have a huge argument with them. However, it doesn't really matter the reason behind these arguments, because they’re the people we’re closest to, so these issues can be either solved easily or tear you apart. And it is because of this closeness that any simple argument can become a really intense subject matter. That’s actually what this story is about, one of the most famous family feuds in the music industry, which instead of blowing over with the passing of time, has only widened the distance between siblings. Ladies and gentlemen, gather around and listen to the story of how two talented brothers created one of the most popular bands and how their differences ended with their dreams and goals. Welcome to the Gallagher Feud.

There’s no point in highlighting how important Oasis has been to the contemporary rock scene. Their songs gave a fresh turn to this music genre, so they became one of the most important bands in the world. Now, what happened with the brothers that positioned their band on that place? Since their formation in Manchester in 1991 (and to be more precise, since Noel, the elder sibling, joined the band), there have been dozens of episodes about terrible fights between the brothers, in what many have called a battle of egos. But what sparked these hostilities that even ended in a legal fight?

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In an interview at the Howard Stern radio show, Liam Gallagher stated that he’s always believed that the disagreements and resentments started when he was only 15 years old. He had been out drinking with some friends and went back home in a quite deplorable state. He managed to crawl to his bedroom (which he shared with his brother Noel) but he had a terrible urge to urinate. Not being able to find the lights of the bedroom to get to the bathroom, he just went for it. Noel woke to the sound of the urine falling and was shocked to see that his little brother was actually aiming at his new sound system, to be precise to his brand new speaker. Liam explains how he’s always believed that it was this episode what sparked his brother’s resentment.

Now, these are the kinds of stories that we all share with our siblings. It’s a constant rollercoaster of emotions that’s most likely filled with terrible fights that can even get physical. I mean, I love my sister but back in the days we would hit each other all the time for nonsensical reasons. In the case of the Gallaghers, however, this normal behavior turned into terrible hatred involving displays of violence and hideous public declarations from both parts. There are stories of them hitting each other with baseball bats or bigger objects that have sent them to the hospital, or episodes in which both of them shouted hurtful words to each other in public. 

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Even if they hadn’t worked together in years, they’re still sending terrible statements in social media showing that there might be something way worse behind their feud than the stupid piss incident. In most of the conflicts that have been documented over the years, it’s kind of easy to see where the problems emerged. I mean, most of them involve one of them (mostly Liam, sorry) getting drunk or not caring enough for the band. 

However, it’s the latter who has claimed how much he loves his brother, the person he grew up with, but he’s also stated how much he loathes the person he’s in the music industry. Contrary to that, Noel just speaks about how much he hates Liam, no matter what and how his constant irresponsibility is to blame for all the friction. It seems that we will still see some of these episodes every now and then, since there is no evidence of reconciliation anytime soon.

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