Reasons Why You Use A Playlist For Sex

Music Reasons Why You Use A Playlist For Sex

You feel like loosing yourself on the music. Your body surrenders to the beats, you can't control yourself. You see that face you admire, perhaps even love, gleaming with the white and blueish lights that pierce the dark of the night. The cigarette in your hand is about to consume, you howl in ecstasy, craving for one more song... 

Music can be very much like sex, and as such, when it is truly pleasant people ask for more.

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Music is a huge sexual catalyzer. That's why sometimes people get more aroused while listening to their favorite song at a concert than while having sex. If music is capable of generating those strong emotions, then, why not using it as an ally during sex?

If you think you need something more than just your presence to spice up those romantic and intimate moments, music can be the ideal complement. Due to the aphrodisiac effects it can provoke in people, the right playlist can make the difference between being an average or memorable lover. These are the reasons why many use music to set the mood.

You use a playlist because.... it helps you lose your inhibitions

Ideal song:

"Je t’aime… moi non plus" – Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin

Without music, perhaps you wouldn't undress as easily. The rhythm can make you feel more comfortable and playful.

You use a playlist because.... you don't know how to start foreplay

Ideal song:

"Sex on Fire" – Kings Of Leon

It's a song with bold lyrics that can become your personal adviser and guideline. Both of you will get carried away with the sexiness of the song. 

You use a playlist because.... it can help you cut out the tension.

Ideal song:

"Sexual Healing" – Marvin Gaye

Silence can be an overwhelming enemy before the act. There are insecure displays of both parts that are the result of not knowing how to begin. The best solution is using a song to set the mood and get you immersed in sensuality. 

You use a playlist because.... songs might say what you don't dare to express.

Ideal song:

"Light my Fire" – The Doors

Sometimes you wish you could just say all the naughty things that come to your mind to turn on your partner. Despite your efforts, you can't find the right words and have run out of creative phrases. Again, music comes in to save the day. There are songs that can say everything you'd want to express in a wild and dirty way.

You use a playlist because.... the song has the beat you're unable to reach

Ideal song:

"In the Heat of the Night" – To Die For

Sex is about setting the ideal rhythm. Play with your hips, your legs, your arms, and everything at your disposal. If you don't know how to do it, music can help you set the rhythm you need to reach ecstasy.

You use a playlist because.... the song is hotter than you'll ever be.

Ideal song:

"Is This Love" – Whitesnake

Not everybody is sexy by nature. Music can transform you into the hottest, wildest person in the world. Choose the song that makes you feel like the most sensuous and provocative being.


You use a playlist because.... you're not able to share your sweetness to your partner.

Ideal song:

"Slow Love Slow" – Nightwish

Sex is not just fierceness; it can also be sweet. Most men and women always long for that moment when tenderness is the protagonist.

You use a playlist because.... the voice of the singer is sexier than yours.

Ideal song:

"L’amour" – Carla Bruni

Sensual voices will always be crucial to seduction. Everybody loves a harmonious, sexy voice. Use music sang by these kinds of voices to resonate in your lover's ear.


A perfect playlist can help you achieve a sublime sexual encounter in which the beats can perfectly merge with your own cadences. Here are other 10 Erotic Songs That Will Give You The Best Sensual Rhythm.

Translated by María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards