13 Videos To Appreciate Ricky Martin's Talent And Sickening Good Looks

Whether you need a reminder of how to let loose and live 'la vida loca' or win 'the cup of life,' 'vente pa’ acá' and dance to Ricky Martin’s best hits.

Singer, actor, author, dancer, and more importantly (for me at least), the voice of Hercules in the Latin American version of the Disney classic, Ricky Martin is one of those figures in pop culture you can’t help but go back to every once in a while. Since his beginnings as member of the popular boy band Menudo, he captured the hearts of the Latin American public, but he didn’t stop there. As a solo artist, he’s created some of the greatest pop hits of all time, earning the title of King of Latin Pop, and of course, our love and devotion. He’s been nominated and recognized for his work, both in music and acting, with his performance in The Assassination of Gianni Versace as his latest hit. Because this bad boy never stops, and because we can’t ever have enough of this gorgeous and talented man, here are his top music videos. A bit of a warning, though, these can cause severe obsession.


If you’re looking for his best heartbreak anthem, this is it. I mean, it’s a bit intense and a little needy, but it’s definitely one of those songs that will make you want to grab a spoon and an entire cup of ice cream to listen while you cry. Even if your heart is in a good place, this song is great to sing your lungs out.


"La Bomba"

Care for a dance? This song is one of those that automatically makes you move your hips and destroy the dance floor. Just hit the play button and “muévete mamita que me vuelvo loco!”

"Livin’ la Vida Loca"

This is probably the song that took Ricky to ultimate stardom, but it’s also an amazing tune that reminds us to let loose once in a while and start livin’ la vida loca.


The Cup of Life

“If you really want it? Go, go, go!” This is my ultimate favorite Ricky song of all time. As the hit anthem for France’s Football Cup of 1998, this song brought a ton of flavor to the world.

"She Bangs"

As the perfect 1990s Latino song to worship a woman, Ricky made us all fall for his voice and sexy moves. 


"Shake Your Bon-Bon"

"She bangs" became a very successful formula that got replicated in this hit urging us to dance and shake our bon-bons (if you know what I mean). This is for all the femme fatales out there. 


As someone called María, let me tell you this song always sends me straight to the dance floor. And yes, all of us Marías are a danger for those who fall in love with us. Ok, maybe not, but let’s keep that a secret.


"Tal Vez"

Let’s forget the sexy dancing songs for a second, and let’s go back to his songs about heartbreak. This song talks about those moments when you start thinking about all those things you did wrong in the relationship that ended up breaking you apart.

"I Don’t Care"

This was his very first hit in the growing reggaeton genre of the early 2000s. Honestly, it’s not his best work, but it was his return to the music scene, and we were all just happy to see him again.


"Tu Recuerdo"

With a mix of flamenco and pop ballad, this song, featuring the famous flamenco singer La Mari, became a hit after its release in his MTV acoustic concert. A very nice and soothing song about, you guessed it, heartbreak.


Another hit from his acoustic special, "Pégate" reminded us of the music we all love from our Ricky, and the Latin rhythms we love dancing to. "Pégate" is the essence of what made us fall in love with Ricky back in the 1990s. 


"La Mordidita"

Let’s make a huge leap in time to 2015, when Ricky reappeared with a very successful reggaeton hit. After focusing on his husband and kids, Ricky made it to the top of the charts with this super sexy song about making out.

"Vente Pa’ Ca"

The following year, he gave us another hit that’s very hard to resist, since it’s in collaboration with the reggaeton performer Maluma, one of the hotties of the genre. 


As you see, Ricky is literally like a fine wine; he only gets better with time. And not only that, he’s also one of the most consistent and influential Latino figures in the world, making us feel represented with every hit he creates.


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