The Way Caetano Loves: 10 Love Songs For a Perfect Date

To find the right music for a date can be a struggle... unless you play Caetano Veloso.

How love sounds? Definitely the voice and music of Caetano Veloso can help us explain it. This Brazilian musician who was born on August 7, 1942, is one of the icons of Latin American music and has given us a whole set of rhythms and lyrics.

He has sung in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French from a set of songs from his own authorship to covers of popular songs worldwide. All this makes almost impossible to pick our favorite tracks of this great figure of tropicalismo, an artistic Brazilian movement of poetry, music and theatre that conquered the world in the 1960s.

Nevertheless, we picked those that can set you in the mood for a lovely evening with your significant other. Make yourselves comfortable, fix some caipirinhas, play those love songs and make that evening so unforgettable that right before is over you both will have saudade of one another.

O quereres (The Desires)

A song about passion and trying to fulfill the desires of the love one (though this may be unrequited).

Sozinho (Lonely)

The absence of caring and how this creates loneliness makes you question: where are you now?

O Leãozinho (The little Lion)

Different interpretations may come to this track but, in essence, is about being close to another person, the loved one.

Você Não Me Ensinou A Te Esquecer (You Didn’t Teach Me How To Forget You)

A song about nostalgia and the struggle to oblivion.

Você é linda (You Are Pretty)

A pray on beauty and the creativity, caring and fascination this creates.

Terra (Earth)

A beautiful metaphor regarding love and the longing for the place where you experienced it.


The setting is a famous avenue in Sao Paulo and the affection for a place, a time and its people.

Oração Ao Tempo (A Prayer To Time)

To ask time for time and all the beauty it carries with it: the beauty of time and space, the beauty of life.

Tigresa (Tigress)

Beauty and seduction are the secondary characters for the leading rhythm.

Desde Que O samba É Samba (Since Samba is Samba)

Sweet and soft melodies join the story of Samba and its immortality.

We love the way Caetano loves. It's contagious and inviting. Trust us: there's going to be a second date and who knows, maybe that honeymoon will take you back to Bahia.


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