9 Songs That Remind Me Of The Only Time We Were Together

July 20, 2017

|Josué Brocca
songs get over break up

Every story needs some background music.

This is ours.

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We were just a couple of friends from school, so close it looked as if we had been woven together. I knew I loved you, but I also knew you wouldn't have spared a dime for me. We’d spend days at the park, library, or at the movies, and being together was the best and the worst of times. I could only imagine what it felt to kiss you, and one summer night we stayed out late and I decided to take a chance. I leaned towards you. You hesitated and your lips pressed my own.


was the only time.

“Save A Prayer” — Duran Duran

Leave your prayers for the daytime and welcome the sins at night.


 “Hands Down” — Dashboard Confessional

Listening to the story of Chris Carabba reminds me of those awkward teenage years. I don't think another song can describe the perfection of a kiss as this song does. All kisses are unique but some remain etched in your memory forever.

 “Say Goodbye” — Dave Matthews Band

For just one evening we decided to be more than friends. We only had a few hours to discover another side to ourselves. We knew things wouldn't work out, but we tried anyways.

“Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” —

The Beatles

When we walked into your room, I felt awkward, like John, I wanted to stay away from the bed. I felt nervous and in the morning everything faded away. It still hurts that things didn't work out.

“I’m A Loner Dottie, A Rebel” — The Get Up Kids

Waking up I felt confused. I even felt a little shame. If I loved you for so long, why did it felt so bad to finally be together? Perhaps it was something that burnt too bright and extinguished itself too soon. I walked home and never phoned you back.

“Sparks” — Coldplay

Looking back at that night, I recognize how magical it was. We became distant and this drove you away. I didn't keep my promises, but you didn't keep yours either.

“Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me” — The Smiths

Although it felt a lot like love, I later realized how it was all an illusion. Sometimes I still like to look back and remember the innocence we shared.

 “Don’t Speak” — No Doubt

The last time we talked, your words cut me. Now, we both know that it's better if keep our distance.

“Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” — Bob Dylan

These songs may remind you of those fleeting moments of desire, of those past loves that left scars. Like me, perhaps you were blinded by illusion and innocence and it was only a matter of time before you realized that infatuation sometimes wears the mask of love.

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Josué Brocca

Josué Brocca