10 Scientifically Proven Sensual Songs To Get You In The Mood

10 Scientifically Proven Sensual Songs To Get You In The Mood

According to a study by Deezer, there are songs that guarantee better sex. But could the same list work for everybody?

Music is with us at every moment of our lives. Most of us even have carefully curated playlists saved for specific situations or emotions, and naturally, sex is one of them. The kind of music we play to set the mood is key. I mean, you can be really into it, but a bad song choice can break the spell instantly, or even turn the experience into something really creepy. I, personally, can’t picture a scene where Britney sets the perfect mood to have sex; even though I have some songs of hers (several, actually) on my phone, I just don't think they would work in that kind of situation.

So, what kind of music can do the job? A study made thanks to a collaboration between music streaming platform Deezer, and sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox, determined which are the best songs to set the mood for sex. “The Aphro-Deezer-ac Report,” as they called it, was based on interviews and surveys focused on two aspects. First, whether participants believed music was essential for good sex, and second, which songs they believed were the best to set the mood. The results revealed that over 55% of participants in the study agreed that music can improve the sexual experience, and about 19% claimed that their pulse raced when the right song was playing, leading to a more intense experience overall.

I don’t think we needed a study to determine that. Even in non-sexual situations, we feel the power of music to produce pleasure and excitement in us. What Cox explains is that the body physically reacts to deep bass sounds, so when they're very loud, it can actually “produce [a] vibration, making it powerfully arousing.” Moreover, she claims that the reason why the majority of participants agreed that music can make sex better is that, when we listen to music that stimulates our brain, it gets flooded with dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone. This same hormone plays an important role when we’re sexually aroused, so the combination of the two can naturally result in a more pleasurable sexual experience.

After experiencing an unusually great sense of happiness after listening to a song she had never heard before, neuroscientist Valorie Salimpoor (University of Toronto), decided to study to the impact of music on the brain, and why it triggers feelings of happiness or excitement, even when we’re not familiar with the song nor the rhythm. To do so, she worked with another neuroscientist, Robert Zatorre (Montreal Neurological Institute of McGill University), in an experiment where they scanned people's brains when listening to the songs they considered excited them the most to the point of experiencing chills. They injected them with a radioactive substance that highlights dopamine receptors and registered how much these were stimulated by the music. Then, they tried the same thing with songs that shared the same rhythm, or that belonged to the same genre, but that were not that popular, to see if they had the same response. In almost every case, their dopamine levels went up, although not as much as when they listened to their own favorite songs.

I mention this because “The Aphro-Deezer-ac Report” claims that there are ten songs that are guaranteed to get you in the mood, but can a "standard" list work for everybody? Here are the ten songs they claim are the best to set the mood for sex, based on their research. By the way, I tried to find information about how many people participated in the study, but I couldn’t find anything, so we'll just have to assume that they used a diverse and relatively large group of people because, otherwise, it wouldn’t make that much sense. However, they did clarify that these songs work the best on American people.

In my opinion, the list isn’t very cohesive, and I don’t find many of the songs to be good ice-breakers or helpful in setting the mood either. Actually, if the person I’m planning to sleep with plays a Lil Wayne song, I’d probably leave the room because it's kind of creepy. Going back to Salimpoor's idea, I believe that each of us have our own taste and favorite songs that can trigger that flood of dopamine, so the fact that these songs have bass in them doesn’t mean they'll work the same way for everybody. As for me, all I can say is that Marvin Gaye does have one of the sexiest voices I've ever heard, and that Justin Bieber and Kanye West are complete turn-offs. For now, I think I'll stick to the music I know can get the job done.

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