The Latino Gang Wins The Super Bowl With An Impressive Halftime Show

The Latino Gang Wins The Super Bowl With An Impressive Halftime Show

By: Patricia Cordero -

Shakira and JLo joined forces with JBalvin and Bad Bunny at the Super Bowl halftime show, showing how Latinos are so important in and for the US.

The very much expected halftime of the Super Bowl surprised us. Shakira and JLo made history as the first two Latinas to headline the halftime show, and they did it powerfully. 

First, Shakira, dressed in red and dancing with those magnetic hip moves. Most of her fans might be delighted to hear some of her most popular songs, such as She Wolf, Empire, Wherever, Whenever. 

But then the surprise act came with Bad Bunny joining her on stage, singing and dancing to the classic I Like It Like That, that Cardi B, JBalvin and Bad Bunny himself made popular again recently.  

Then JLo gave us an impressive performance, showing some of the pole dance moves she learned for Hustlers,  along with her most popular tunes such as Jenny From The Block, Get Right, Waiting for Tonight, and On The Floor.

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The rumor was true and she was joined on stage by Colombian JBalvin, who performed with Mi Gente, and danced together with JLo.

The important message was there when JLo sang a bit from Bruce Springsteen's Born In The USA, while wearing a coat that reassembled the American flag on the outside and the Puerto Rican one on the inside. It was a message to let all those watching the Super Bowl that thousands of Latinos are born in the US, and that they represent a vast part of the workforce and the political decision for the country. 

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Together, the two pop music divas performed Shakira's Waka Waka and JLo's Let's Get Loud, giving us a halftime show that, up to now, is the most Latino ever. So yes, the Latino Gang including these Colombian and Puerto Rican performers has won the Super Bowl, and we can't wait to have a  collaboration between all four. Will it ever happen?