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6 Singers That Continue The Psychedelic Legacy Of Jim Morrison

Por: Andrea Mejía 29 de septiembre de 2017

The tragic morning of July 3, 1971 the world mourned the loss of a brilliant mind who dared to explore worlds beyond our own and translate them into music. Jim Morrison accurately described himself by saying he was like a “huge, fiery comet” whose ephemeral sight on Earth amazes all those who catch a glimpse of it. And just like a comet, even though he is no longer with us, the trail of light he left behind keeps inspiring wonder and a desire to follow his path and touch the stars. The Lizard King’s music didn’t become iconic just because. He knew how to weave his spiritual poetry with the ethereal notes of the organ and the harmonious melody of guitars, creating mind-bending masterpieces that keep echoing in today’s musicians.

No matter what music genre, the legacy of Jim Morrison prevails in the voices of those who had the privilege of witnessing his brief stay on Earth and those who, years or decades later, were touched by his psychedelic tunes. Here are six singers who, one way or another, embraced the otherworldly spirit of Morrison’s music, lyrics, and lifestyle.

1) Iggy Pop

The frontman of The Stooges was one of the lucky ones who got to see Jim Morrison perform live. After going to a concert of The Doors in 1967, the musician was amazed by Morrison’s rebellious behavior and his disruptive performance. The singer adopted part of that subversive attitude, and later became friends with The Doors co-founder Ray Manzarek and was even considered to replace Morrison when he passed away.

2) Patti Smith

The Queen of Punk, Patti Smith also managed to see Morrison live in 1967. In her memoir Just Kids, Smith describes the heavy impact his presence had on her and how, after that live performance, she decided to dedicate her life not only to poetry, but also to music. After Morrison’s death, she wrote the song “Break It Up” to honor the musician who inspired her to pursue her musical career.

3) Lana del Rey

The indie singer is known for her vintage style and melodies. The Lizard King’s influence on her music can be seen in many different songs, such as “Gods and Monster,” “Ultraviolence,” and “Off the Races.” However, the song in which this tribute becomes more than evident is “Freak.” In the music video, Lana del Rey recreates the torrid and conflictive romance between Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson.

4) Julian Casablancas

The Strokes’ vocalist has referred more than once to Jim Morrison as one of his main influences. Although the band he belongs to and The Doors don’t sound that similar, Casablancas has said he was inspired by the band’s instrumentation, Morrison’s persona on stage, and his psychedelic lyrics.

5) Alice Cooper

The rock singer was a contemporary of Jim Morrison and even got to party with him like only the rock stars of that time did. In an interview with Westword, Cooper describes the craziness of partying with him and other musicians like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon. "These were guys who taught me how to drink... They were not my wholesome big brothers. And they all died around the same age. Of course, John's [death] was much more tragic than anybody else's. Everybody else was self-done. John, of course, was incredibly tragic. But, still, they were my drinking buddies." The rebellious rock spirit of The Doors is present in Alice Cooper's music, and when Morrison passed away, he dedicated the song “Desperado” to his departed friend.

6) Marilyn Manson

Who would’ve thought that the Antichrist Superstar found a source of inspiration in the frontman of The Doors? Well, not only did Manson play with Ray Manzarek in 2012, but also he wrote about The Doors and Jim Morrison for the Rolling Stone Magazine’s “100 Greatest Artists” special. Manson describes the Lizard King’s voice as “a beautiful pond for anything to drown in. Whatever he sang became as deep as he was.” Manson has also referred to him as one of the main inspirations for his controversial live performances and defiant lyrics.

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