What's the 'Audio Aura,' Spotify Wrapped's newest feature?

Did you know that the music style has its own colorful aura? Thanks to Spotify's new feature, you can now find out yours.

December is here, and you know what it means. For every music lover, it is pretty exciting to see the ultimate summary of what we listened to throughout the year, and for that, Spotify has done a great and funny job. However, this year they've stepped up their game on these yearly wrap-ups with a new cool feature that claims to show each user their very own audio aura! Here's everything you need to know about Spotify's new Audio Aura!

What is Spotify Wrapped?

For a couple of years now, Spotify has been providing its users with personalized recommendations based on their musical taste. They create entire playlists based on your favorite songs and alert you every time those artists release new ones. 


In this case, Spotify Wrapped is the peak of personalized user experience. Around December every year, each user receives a wrap-up of all the music they have been listening to for months. They show your most listened song, artist, and music genre, how many minutes you listened to Spotify, and even how much time you spent listening to that specific song that characterized your whole year. Along with this, you also get your own playlist with the music you listened to the most, and finally, you can share your results with whomever you want, especially through social media.

Spotify Wrapped Musical Aura

This year, the company decided to take one step further and submerge itself in the world of vibes and auras inspired by the idea that music is a great reflection of our moods. They teamed up with the famous aura reader “Mystic Michaela“ to create an accurate representation of each musical personality that users could have based on the results of the traditional wrap-up. 


For this dynamic, the aura medium assigned a specific color to each “mood“ so that the platform´s algorithm could then provide each listener with their own colorful audio aura.

The meaning behind the Audio Auras

According to Mystic Michaela, when we listen to music we project our true self or manifest the way we want to feel. Hence, these audio auras are presented with two main colors: the first one showing what is supposed to be your actual mood and the second one showing your manifested mood through music. Usually, both colors are complementary to each other, so for a clearer understanding of what each of the existent auras means, here is a brief description of each one:


  • Purple: for passionate music listeners
  • Green: for calm, analytical, and introspective users
  • Pink: for hopeless romantics
  • Orange: for bold, energetic, and confident listeners
  • Yellow: for the ones who use music as a resource to focus or motivate themselves
  • Blue: for emotional listeners who need to sing their feelings out loud.
  • This new idea is perfect for a small personal introspection, not necessarily intending to psychoanalyze yourself but to try to understand the role that music plays in your life and how it makes you feel at some point. Have you already seen yours?


    Cover photo from Pexels

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