20 Years After Their First Record, What Are The Strokes Up To?

20 Years After Their First Record, What Are The Strokes Up To?

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By: Alejandro Arroyo Cano

January 24, 2017

Music 20 Years After Their First Record, What Are The Strokes Up To?
Avatar of Alejandro Arroyo Cano

By: Alejandro Arroyo Cano

January 24, 2017

On one occasion, when talking with someone about The Strokes, I was told, “That band is for fifteen-year-olds. When you stop being one, you can’t keep being a fan.” Well I can prove them wrong. After all, don’t they know that music has no age? What matters are the feelings it creates. If a song for teenagers blows a forty-year-old’s mind, who’s to judge?

the strokes 20 years later

After going into a rant-discussion with this person, in order to defend the band, I thought about it and realized something: The Strokes began their career in 1998, when Julian was barely 18. They were eager teens bursting to express an array of emotions that are part of adolescence. Maybe that’s why we love them.

So what has the band been up to lately? Last year they released the Future Past Days EP, and there are rumors that their new album is only a few months away. Meanwhile each member is working on their own projects.

Julian Casablancas

the strokes 20 years julian casablancas

In 2013, the frontman put together an alternative rock band called Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, releasing its first album, Tyranny. He also got together with Karen O, The Growlers, Rey Pila, and other artists to create the Cult Records label. He’s collaborated on several projects with different artists throughout the years, such as The Lonely Island and Daft Punk, with whom he released the hit “Instant Crush.”

While his projects outside The Strokes might not be as popular, the fans follow and respond favorably to each release. Today the 38 year-old is more of a businessman than musician, but after the recent release of the EP he’s returned to the world stage.

Nick Valensi

the strokes 20 years nick valensi

The band is known for Julian’s voice and Nick Valensi’s genius riffs. Often called “The Bird” because of his similarity to the Sesame Street character, while his bandmates have continued to be in the industry, Nick chose to use the break between First Impressions of Earth and Angles to spend time with his family.

Las year he presented his new band CRX, a supergroup featuring members from Guards, Dose, and The Reflections. The debut album, New Skin, surprised everyone by having Nick as lead vocals.

Nikolai Fraiture 

the strokes 20 years nikolai

Of the five band members, Nikolai is considered to be the introvert of the group. But that doesn’t mean he’s stayed idle all this time. In 2009 he released his solo album The Time of the Assassins, which includes collaborations with Regina Spektor and Nick Zinner.  

He recently just released an album with his new band, Summer Moon. The first single, "With You Tonight," is featured below.

Fabrizio Moretti

the strokes 20 years fabrizio

Born in Brazil in 1980, he’s become a key element in the sound of The Strokes. Moretti wanted to be a teacher when he was in high school. But then he realized his drumming abilities could take him to new heights, so he dropped out of college and joined the band.

In 2008 he released a record with his side project Little Joy, making a splash in the US folk scene. The last couple of years have been quiet for Fabrizio, who occasionally collaborates with other artists. It seems like The Strokes will always be his priority.

Albert Hammond Jr. 

the strokes 20 years albert

The son of talented composer and guitarist, Albert Hammond, is not just The Strokes rhythm guitarist. He’s also led a pretty solid solo career. Since 2006 he’s been on his own and now has four solo albums.

Albert has always been on the stage one way or another, following his father’s footsteps. This year he’ll be releasing an independent film where he plays the lead role. The movie is directed by Drake Doremus and will be presented at Sundance. We can’t wait to see this new chapter of his career.

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