8 Reasons Why Thom Yorke Is The Antichrist

8 Reasons Why Thom Yorke Is The Antichrist

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By: Alonso Martínez

January 12, 2017

Music 8 Reasons Why Thom Yorke Is The Antichrist
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By: Alonso Martínez

January 12, 2017

The Antichrist is not a demonic figure intending to destroy a divine being, but simply a false prophet. The malice would lie on how they would lead humanity down a subtle and slow path of destruction. Seeing it from this perspective, just about any person could be that character. According to a minute percentage of the American population, Barack Obama is this person. Others believe Donald Trump, Mark Zuckerberg, or even Pope Francis to be the ones who will be responsible for the impending apocalypse.

But, according to a group of religious young people called “New Generation for God,” Thom Yorke, the lead singer and guitarist for the band Radiohead, is the one who will lead us to our doom. According to the website of this organization which has now over 7 thousand followers on Twitter:

We are called “dangerous people” because our mission is to use the web and all technology to unmask the biggest lie of all time, the lie that “God is dead”, and replace it with the absolute truth that He is alive and is coming soon to judge us.

To incite younger generations to join their cause, they uploaded an image of Thom Yorke, depicting 8 elements that link him to Satan and the end of days. The publication caused a stir of ironic comments on social media towards the pious group. This is the image they posted:

Thom Yorke AntiChrist

If we dare to play the game of the image, here are the 8 reasons why Radiohead’s frontman is the Antichrist and why those traits also make him into one of the geniuses of music.  

Thom Yorke AntiChrist Atheist


Despite the fact that Thom Yorke does not suggest sexual acts or borderline eroticism in his lyrics, the religious group claims it in their statement. Our intuition might point this is a reference to the extreme movements in his dancing that might incite desire from his audience. It could also have to do with the crude way he sees and presents the world around him. Yorke tells it like he sees it without sugar-coating it.


Yorke practices yoga and does meditation, but there is no documented proof of him being against Christianity. By not closing himself off to only one ideology, he is able to expand his mind to other possibilities.


This is one of the seven deadly sins, and the Antichrist uses it to blind people to the true pleasures of life. Yorke and his band are ambitious, yes, but it’s based on creating albums that continue to innovate and present new musical ideas.

Thom Yorke AntiChrist Idolatry

Witchcraft and Tarot

Several Radiohead songs make references to the occult as a narrative model. By having a wide knowledge of literary and pop culture ideas, they can tell stories that hit people on a emotional level.


The religious youth believes it’s wrong for young people to look up to Yorke. The reason he is loved by many is because of how he has opened their eyes through music, not to lead us down a path of death and destruction, but towards a sonic experience like no other.


There’s no account of Thom Yorke being addicted to drugs, but we can assume he has used them at some point. Still, that does not make him the Antichrist. He’s a regular man who experimented, like most of the population. It may have inspired him to create some incredible works.

Thom Yorke AntiChrist Porn

Lack of forgiveness

This trait just inspires confusion about what this group is talking about. It could refer to how Thom keeps a slight resentment in his songs, both politically and romantically. He does not let go of his contempt until the end, where he then questions in order to be freed. He uses his past to talk about the world and reveal his true self during the creative process.

Disobedience to God’s law

We’re human. Of course that comes with disobeying some of God’s laws for us. Yorke is clearly not exempt from this. But it’s through our mistakes that we become better people, is it not?

Thom Yorke AntiChrist Forgiveness

It’s inevitable to not be a little suspicious of the image posted by this religious organization. They look at one of the most famous artists of the generation and see a threat. In truth Thom is way too obvious a choice. Perhaps they should try to find it in their hearts to not judge someone based on, well, whatever they based this on. But we thank New Generation for God for bringing our faith in Thom back.

Translated by María Suárez