Here Are 12 Madonna Songs For Material Girls Who Love Their Cardio

Heres the fiercest workout playlist (and quotes) from the one and only Queen of Pop, Madonna.

Madonna, the ultimate icon in the music industry, has turned 60. We could spend the whole day saluting her spirit with articles about her relevance, her influence, and every way in which she's changed pop culture. She might not be the first, but she's definitely the best, creating an artistic persona for herself like the world had never seen. She is a woman who has been asked to fade away with grace and poise as she ages, but refuses to. She always gets the last laugh, reminding us that she’s not going anywhere. The crown remains on the throne, and we must bow down because she still has a lot to say.

There's a reason why we call her the Queen of Pop. In more ways than one, she set the bar for contemporary pop music. Through her lyrics and attitude, she has empowered women, minorities, and the LGBT+ community especially, to help us embrace our identity, saying that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful. She encourages everyone to embrace their body, soul, needs, and desires. And she has taught us that hard work can take you anywhere. That’s why we celebrate her birthday today by giving you the fiercest playlist (and quotes) from her 40 years as a pop diva. Work hard or go home because this is Madonna. Long live the Queen!

12. "Bitch, I’m Madonna"

"We go hard or we go home

We gon do this all night long

We get freaky if you want

Bitch I'm Madonna"

11. "What It Feels Like For A Girl"

"Girls can wear jeans and cut their hair short

Wear shirts and boots 'cause it's okay to be a boy

But for a boy to look like a girl is degrading

'Cause you think that being a girl is degrading

But secretly you'd love to know what it's like wouldn't you

What it feels like for a girl"

10. "Gang Bang"

"And I'm going straight to hell

And I've got a lot of friends there

And if I see that bitch in hell

I'm gonna shoot him in the head again

'Cause I wanna see him die

Over and over"

9. "Beat Goes On"

"Say what you like

Do what you feel

You know exactly who you are

The time is right now

You got to decide

Stand in the back or be the star"

8. "Like a Virgin" (Confessions Tour)

"Gonna give you all my love, boy

My fear is fading fast

Been saving it all for you

'Cause only love can last"

7. "Burning Up"

"Do you wanna see me down on my knees?

Or bending over backwards now would you be pleased?

Unlike the others I'd do anything

I'm not the same, I have no shame

I'm on fire"

6. "Jump"

"I'll work and I'll fight till I find a place of my own

It sways and it swings and it bends until you make it your own

I can make it alone"

5. "Hollywood"

"How could it hurt you when it looks so good"

4. "Die Another Day"

"For every sin, I'll have to pay

I've come to work, I've come to play

I think I'll find another way

It's not my time to go"

3. "Express Yourself"

"Don't go for second best baby

Put your love to the test you know, you know you've got to

Make him express how he feels and maybe

Then you'll know your love is real"

2. "Vogue" (Sticky & Sweet Tour)

"Beauty's where you find it

Not just where you bump and grind it

Soul is in the music, oh

That's where I feel so beautiful

Magical, life's a ball

So get up on the dance floor"

1. "Hung Up"

"I can't keep on waiting for you

I know that you're still hesitating

Don't cry for me

'cause I'll find my way

You'll wake up one day

But it'll be too late"


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