25 canciones indie perfectas para escuchar con alguien más

25 canciones indie perfectas para escuchar con alguien más

Por: Alonso Martínez -

«Contigo envejecer. Contigo amanecer. Tus labios me cantan. Tus manos me calman otra vez». ¿Sabes quién la canta?

Apaga el mundo, me quiero quedar contigo. Al demonio la luz, el frío, ponte a mi lado y prendamos el fuego. Quizá un poco de vino, o unos cigarrillos. Un cómodo silencio y la música suave. Beats lentos, letras dulces. Dormir arrullados por el sonido, abrazarnos hasta mañana. Que el mundo se apague, no pensemos más, sólo escuchemos y hagamos un nudo con nuestros dedos. No te soltaré, a menos que la música se acabe y ya sea de mañana. Este sería el playlist para esa escena:


"Soft Porn"

Puma Blue

«This is isolation

This is demon bliss

Could I reach for her kiss?

Could I reach for her kiss?».


"Off You"

The Breeders

«I tried, I even sent in friends

They did it as a favor, cause I'm not that way

I am the autumn in the scarlet

I am the make-up on your eyes».




«So Blue

And violently calm

I drowned

But yet I feel so fine».


"Spider Light"

Pascal Pinon




Aldous Harding

«Hey, man

I really need you back again

The years are plenty


I have a watercolour you did

I saw you walking on the sand

In Thailand

I used to watch you from the van

It was your band».


"Hiding Tonight"

Alex Turner

«Tomorrow I'll be quicker

I'll stare into the strobe light flicker

And afloat I'll stay

But I'm quite alright hiding today».



Helena Deland

«Take off your wig

Oh, let me stare

I'll keep un-cross-dressing you no matter where».


"Basta Ya"

The Marias

«Contigo envejecer

Contigo amanecer

Tus labios me cantan

Tus manos me calman

Otra vez».


"Kind of Love"


«Have i made it long enough to say, far enough to show?

Here I am, a grinning girl caught up in your glow».


"Cool Kids"

Twin Cabins

«Nobody’s out here to blame

Oh yeah, this love is insane

I love this love is insane

You and I knew of every which way».


"Solar Eclipse"

Thus Owls

«I made the choice to lose myself within another 

To sacrifice my own devotion 

quietly hoping I could have it both ways 

A solar eclipse».


"Blue Echo"

Donna Regina

«Blue echo of 


fade away».


"Two Slow Dancers"


«It would be a hundred times easier

If we were young again

But as it is

And it is».


"Drunk and With Dreams"

Angel Olsen

«Drunk and with dreams I’m lost out at sea

With my only map I have memories

And how else do you suggest I get back to that place

With only one memory I've ever seen its face».


"Talk A Lot"


«Your friends they seem to talk a lot

You know I’m not that type

Just pull-up in your shopping cart

Just throw it all in there, it’s fine».


"Nothing's Going to Keep Me Down"

Yellow Days

«Darling, you know how I feel

Everything's too much, everything's too real

Lord, just know it's hard to be alone

Talking to myself and I in my empty home».


"Pond Weed"

Brad Stank

«I've been thinkin' 'bout you baby

You don't get enough of my time

Always actin' lazy

Still got time for making you cry

This could be a love supreme

But I don't remember any other dreams».



Julia Jacklin

«The police met the plane.

They let you finish your meal.

I know you'd like to believe it baby.

But you're more kid than criminal».



Stef Chura

«All that you do 

Formed into truth 

You take it or leave it 

Who’s got a use 

All that you needed 

Shaked and repeated 

Uprooted and weeded».


"Birthday Song"


«This emotional disturbance began

The other night, the other night

When I could not get the door open

Because it had been locked from the outside

Because it had been locked from the outside».


"Little Seldom"

Jonas Bonnetta



"Show Me How"

Men I Trust

«Show me how you care, 

Tell me how you were loved before 

Show me how you smile, 

Tell me why your hands are cold».


"Your Dog"

Soccer Mommy

«I don't wanna be your little pet

At the edge of every bed

You sleep in, body stretching out

Guess I'll curl up on the couch».


"The Bug Collector"

Haley Heynderickx

«And there's a centipede

Naked in your bedroom

Oh, and you swear to God

The fucker's out to get you»



Renata Zeiguer

«Enough is enough, feeling wayside, enough is enough, i know it.

You've got a grip on salvation, a heavenly whip, i know it».


Sirve dos tragos. Apaga la luz. No quiero pensar. Sólo quiero tener tu cuerpo junto al mío, y escucharte respirar. Olerte en secreto, besarte en silencio. No necesitamos más. Da play, y viajemos a otro lado.