The 19th-Century Countess Whose Vain Selfies Pioneered Photography

November 14, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Virginia Oldoni, Countess of Castiglione, was so obsessed with her beauty that she ended up becoming a selfie queen.

11 Cool Photos Of Extremely Strong Female Bodybuilders At The Turn Of The Century

November 6, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

In the nineteenth century, circuses enjoyed a new wave of female bodybuilders. These are the pictures of these mould-breaking women.

10 Photos Of La Catrina Dancing During Día De Los Muertos Around Mexico City

November 1, 2018

|Patricia Cordero

Photographer Edgar Olguín captured the essence of Day of the Dead with ballet dancers dressed up as Catrinas in Mexico City.

These Portraits Of Ventriloquist Dummies Will Give You Nightmares

November 1, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Photographer Matthew Rolston's series 'Talking Heads' Displays dozens of portraits of ventriloquist dummies to show humanity reflected on art.

25 Photos Of Vintage Halloween Costumes That'll Seriously Creep You Out

October 31, 2018

|Oliver G. Alvar

Past generations truly went all-out terrifying when it came to trick-or-treating. Here are 25 photos that show just how creepy makeshift vintage costumes for Halloween can be.

Unwanted Girls: The Problem Of Sex Selection In India

October 26, 2018

|Beatriz Esquivel

India has 63 million women fewer than it should have, and the reason is the country's sex selection tradition.

Caution! These Photos Of Firefighters Holding Cute Animals Are Too Hot To Handle

October 17, 2018

|Patricia Cordero

All sales of this Australian Firefighters Calendar go toward social cause. Get yours soon!

Dark Truths Hiding Behind The American Dream: The Photo League’s Radical Photography

October 16, 2018

|Cultura Colectiva

The Photo League was a New York City-based collective that shed light on the dark truths hiding behind the American dream.

What Mexican Quinceañera Parties Are Like In The US: 15 Photos By Angélica Escoto

September 27, 2018

|Alejandro I. López

After photographing more than 200 quinceañera parties, photographer Angélica Escoto realized that her work serves to record the lives of Mexican immigrants in the US.

22 Photos Of Paris In The 20s Because Who Doesn't Love Paris In The 20s?

September 24, 2018

|María Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

Most people would agree that Paris lived its most glorious time as a city in the 1920s. These photos are the proof.