25 Photos Of Vintage Halloween Costumes Thatll Seriously Creep You Out

Past generations truly went all-out terrifying when it came to trick-or-treating. Here are 25 photos that show just how creepy makeshift vintage costumes for Halloween can be.

Halloween has been around for a while, and the tradition of trick-or-treating has a, let's say, "proud" history that began with actual pranks and mischievous jokes. This particular aspect of Halloween probably came from a medieval practice called "guising," where actors would dress up and go door to door asking for food and money after performing a folk play. The tradition evolved and was standardized into what we know today. And along with the tradition, the art of elaborating Halloween costumes has changed as well. Sure, there are plenty of great, contemporary Halloween outfits out there, but, frankly, the older makeshift costumes had something about them that made them far creepier than anything we can find these days. Or perhaps it's just the photos. Whatever the case, you should judge for yourself. Here are 25 photos that show just how creepy makeshift vintage costumes for Halloween can be.

And who knows? Perhaps you'll get an idea or two for your next costume party!

#1—Creepy Diversity

I don't know what to make of this. Kids wearing smiley masks with few defined facial features are always freaky, and even more so with the strange headwear.

#2—Monster Heads

Well, you certainly don't see that everyday. They did a great job of coming up with something both apparently inexpensive and terrifying. Those are some big-brained monsters!

#3—The Headless Sisters

Straight out of Sleepy Hollow, these simple costumes are terribly effective. The outfit's in the masks: it almost doesn't matter what else they choose to wear.

#4—Dark Demons

I'd be as frightened as that kid, to be honest. Boy, it definitively doesn't look like he's having a good time!

#5—The Town Drunkard

The mask, the dirt, the pose. It all just works. Imagine seeing that sitting on a porch on your way to work!

#6—Triple Threat

Clowns and roguish demons, it seems. I'd just leave the candy out and avoid ever opening the door.

#7—Kangaroo Witch Court

Well, the witch and the crystal ball make sense, but I have no idea what the others are supposed to be. All I know is it's troubling!

#8—One Happy Family

The giant head with the enormous ears is simply too amazing.

#9—Big-Faced Twins

Again, the trick is a good mask. Everything else is secondary. And these masks do the trick, that's for sure!

#10—The Ugly, The Terrible, And The Sheer Evil

Perhaps some costumes simply go too far... Those came straight out of a nightmare!

#11—A Little Monster-Child

The fact that he or she is so small only makes it creepier. I wouldn't want to see that on my doorway!

#12-Alice In Pumpkinland

I don't know what's worse, the mask or that massive pumpkin mountain. Either way, there's no denying this is a great Halloween photo.

#13—The Ugly In The Old

I know for a fact that's not what old age looks like. That's just pure witchcraft.

#14—The Skull-Demon

Don't let its size fool you: this monster is pure evil. That's an amazingly well-done mask!

#15—The Family-In-Law

That's nothing short of every guy's nightmare. Just look at his face—sheer terror!

#16—Devils And Witches

The horror of seeing those faces is only slightly bearable because of the fact that the poor kids look so tired! Trick-or-treating is a hard job, after all.

#17—The Ladies Of The Woods

For all I know, they're crying in fear behind those masks. I know the rest of the neighborhood is!

#18—Like Parents, Like Baby

The finger up his nose is a nice little touch. It just perfectly complements the whole nightmare.

#19—A Stick In The Hand, A Bag On The Face

It's as if they're ready to beat their kidnapped victims to death before they eat them!

#20—Old Baby

That would look pathetic if it weren't so disturbing.

#21—Undead Vigilantes

They look like a mix between a masked hero and an unwelcome demon. Well done!

#22—A Walking Dead

It's said that once you take a look at those eyes, they will haunt you for the rest of your life!

#23—Cursed Family

Now, this is a family that knows how to scare! Look at that kid. It's impressive the effect a simple scissor-cut sheet can have when it comes to creepy costumes. Remember, it doesn't have to be expensive in order to be scary. In fact, sometimes the least expensive disguises are the most disturbing.

#24—The Beautiful Widows

Who wouldn't like to be followed by these lovely ladies? The one on the left has an eye for eligible single men!

#25—The Monster Gang

This must be what Guillermo del Toro's birthday parties looked like. Oh, they just seem so friendly!

The old picture vibe definitely makes it all creepier, but let's not take away credit from the disturbingly creative costumes themselves. Now you know: when it comes to unsettling disguises, less is more!


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