10 Photos That Prove Why Turkey Is The Perfect Place For Those Intrigued By The Ancient World

If you know anything about Turkey, you're aware that there's no country like this one to satisfy your hunger for historical knowledge.

Have you ever had any trouble deciding where you want to travel? When we’re planning a trip, specially if we do it with family or friends, it’s hard to satisfy everyone’s interests. Every person travels with different purposes. Maybe you just want to get to know a new culture, the historical sites and museums. However, it’s likely that another member of your travel party doesn’t care about that at all, and only wants to see stunning natural landscapes. Or on the contrary, maybe your travel buddy has a more adventurous spirit, so they’ll wish to get to get acquainted with the country’s exciting nightlife and the hidden spots that typical tourists rarely visit. How do you plan a trip to satisfy all types of tastes? It sounds impossible, but it isn’t. There’s one place in the world that has all of that and more, and that place is Turkey.

Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia


If you know anything about Turkey, you're probably aware that no other country has everything to satisfy your hunger for historical knowledge. It’s certainly the best place you can visit if history classes were exciting for you when you were a kid.


This ancient territory used to be the heart of powerful empires, like the Roman and the Ottoman, so it's full of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Want to visit the former capital of the Byzantine empire? Go to Istanbul and marvel at the city’s fascinating architecture. While exploring it, you’ll be able to travel to the past of epic locations and lose yourself in the mind-bending architecture of ancient places, like the domes of the Hagia Sophia.

Natural hot springs at Pamukkale, in Denizli Province

Ankara, Turkey’s capital city

When visiting Turkey, make sure that you don’t get too mesmerized by Istanbul’s nightlife and delicious cuisine, because you might lose the opportunity to visit other locations that are as amazing. Enjoy the city and have as much fun as you can, but remember that the entire country is full of stunning places that you’ll love to visit and photograph tirelessly. If you can’t get enough of the bright lights of the city and the modern side of Turkey, you can visit Turkey’s capital, Ankara. If you have an artistic side, you will fall in love with the capital as you get to know the local cultural scene through the wide variety of museums that it has to offer. 


Ancient ruins and modern resorts in the town of Side

The Castle of St. Peter, in Bodrum

The ruins of Ephesus, a classical metropolis in Aegean Turkey

After you explore Turkey’s big cities, you should obviously take some time to marvel at the astonishing archaeological sites. First, you can visit the town of Side, where you’ll find the best of both the ancient and the modern world: the ruins of ancient Pamphylia, and relaxing beaches that are necessary after a long day of visiting the same land that Alexander the Great stepped on many centuries ago. Also, you shouldn’t miss Ephesus, the ancient metropolis with the most well-preserved ruins in Europe, where the Temple of Artemis used to be.

The ancient site of Termessos

The ruins of Hattusha, in the Black Sea region

The Selimiye Mosque, in Edirne

Whatever type of tourist you are, Turkey will satisfy all of your needs. A perfect spot to finish your journey and plan your next trip to another country is Edirne, an ancient city located close to the border of Greece. There, you’ll see one of the most extraordinary examples of Islamic architecture: the Selimiye Mosque, built by Mimar Sinan in the 1500s. Looking up at the incredible kaleidoscopic interior, you’ll probably think twice about leaving Turkey, because the only sad part of traveling is the certainty that some places can never be fully known in just a few weeks. However, that might be one more reason to keep returning over and over again.


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