How To Take The Best Selfies While Traveling Solo

How To Take The Best Selfies While Traveling Solo

By: Rodrigo Ayala -

Would you like some advice on how to improve the quality of your selfies? If you love traveling solo and want to show the world each one of your adventures, it is essential to have high quality pictures.

Today, we feel the need to share our experiences on social media, or else, we feel as if our experiences never happened. Our generation thrives on the instant gratification of sharing their life online. We always keep track of our friends and favorite celebrity's digital stories, building our identity based on pictures and comments. 

The following tips will show you how to take exceptional pictures while also having fun:

Study those pictures you like or identify with the most. What is it that makes them attractive to you? Is it the surroundings? The light? Facial expressions? The spontaneity of the portrait? Remember that the greatest artists found their inspiration imitating the work of masters before them. That's why you need to observe what professionals do. Following their footsteps will help you find your own style.
how to take the best selfies while traveling solo
Find a light source that makes you look radiant, but not so bright to make you close your eyes or make you uncomfortable. Keep your sunglasses on. This basic accessory will always make you look cool and interesting.

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Look for original places that make you stand out. Do not take selfies at the same places or the same way everybody does. Try using other angles, so people will notice your different style. Enough of ordinary photos of a car ride, or feet lying on a chair on the beach, the same kind of group pics, or your duck-face reflection on the mirror. You can be more creative than that!

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This next tip is essential: always take your selfies placing the camera above your head. Taking the picture from below will only result in an awkward angle.

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Just be natural. Whoever sees the picture will notice if it is the real you or if you're just pretending to be a stud or a top model. In real life, people appreciate someone genuine and proud over a person who seeks to build a fake persona. Relax and enjoy the moment while posing.

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One last recommendation: Approach people around you to help you take some pics, and trust them. Sometimes it can be difficult to take pictures on your own. It can also be a chance to practice the language of the place you're visiting, or even make new friends.
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