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Images That Break All The Taboos On Sex And Gender You Continue To Cling To

Por: Maria Suarez 8 de septiembre de 2017

What does it mean to be a woman? We learn early on that there are particular standards and traits we need to adhere to in order to become our gender. However, there comes a point when we need to choose whether this is who we really are. We can conform and continue, or we can shred these outdated notions and stereotypes and find our own meaning.

Claudia De Lima is a photographer from Caracas, Venezuela who presents her own vision of womanhood and identity through self-portraits. These pictures present the inner journey of discovering the true essence of what it means to be a woman. But, as she explains quite clearly, this is her experience alone. The fact that we can relate and identify similar situations and notions only points to the fact that we are all searching for our own sense of who we are within this local and global landscape.

From a young age I struggled to speak my mind because I was afraid of what others would say or think. At some point I figured this was because I didn’t have the guts to defend my ideas. But when you discover what the world is really like, you realize it all goes back to the idea of gender. “Women do this and that. Women don’t do this nor that.”

I’m not saying that men don’t have these kinds of limitations, but I can’t speak about them because they’re not my reality. I can only speak of my experience, where it’s almost sinful to be a woman talking about sex or admitting to having sex.

We’ve progressed in some ways, but we still have so many taboos on sex and gender. There are several ingrained beliefs about what a woman should and shouldn’t do. Which is why I told everyone to screw themselves and started talking pictures of myself the way I wanted to. I don’t take these photos because I think they’re pretty. They’re images that I believe communicate something more.

I own up to what I say and what I show. I think that encouraging other women to see that allows us to understand our place in the world. Our value is not dependent on whether we show our tits or not. Our female identity does not rely on whether we want one thing or another.

Being a woman goes beyond what a doctor says when you're born. It’s more than just your genitals or the way you walk. Humans are more than just their biology. If we’re being honest, fighting for our beliefs through art is a way of opening the conversation.

Being a woman implies being responsible and conscious of our own body and choices. This includes making these decisions ourselves, for ourselves, and no one else. And these choices should definitely not be made to fit a mold society refers to as womanhood.

I’ve always wanted to tell my own story. What I’m feeling and what’s bothering me. I’ve never considered telling anyone else’s story because I honestly don’t feel like I’d be able to capture it as well as mine.

I don’t know, maybe I’m a little self-centered and vain. I just think that my focus has always been towards my feelings. But in the end I find that other people feel this way as well, and that’s the cool part.

I’m amazed to find that there are so many people that feel or think the same. I think that one of the things that I like most about art is that ability to express an emotion that others can relate to.

De Lima’s imagery is both soft and raw. While it’s true that there is a sense of innocence that probably plays to our own biases, there’s also a brutal honesty that confronts us straight on. It’s through her unapologetic stare, letting us know that we’re the ones peeping on her own self-discovery, that we come to identify with our search for who we truly are. Because, aren’t we all searching for our place and purpose? Regardless of the gender we identify with, we each have a path towards fulfilling our hopes and desires.

You can check out more of Claudia De Lima’s work on her Instagram and website.

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