This Couples Photos In Front Of Beautiful Buildings Will Satisfy Your Inner Designer

Together, they take symmetrical photographs that will remind you of your favorite Wes Anderson movies.

Some of us have the privilege of decorating our homes and personal spaces, placing everything where we want it to be, choosing the colors and the adjustment as well as the symmetrical alignment. But as soon as we leave our place, we have to face the chaos of the city: its different sights, conflicting styles, and colorful mismatches. Depending on our mood, that can be either beautiful or overwhelming. However, all of that chaos can suddenly shift as we walk down the street and find a perfect spot. Whether it's a wall, a façade, or an entire building that seems to be unaffected by the rest of the clutter. Of course, we’ll immediately want to photograph it, trying to enhance its perfection with a frame. Sadly, most of us have the impulse to capture beauty without the knowledge and practice to create a professional picture. The good news is that talented photographers are always willing to show their work, sharing the beauty they find around the world with the rest of us.

Daniel Rueda is one of those photographers. He’s a 27-year-old architect and an architectural photographer from Valencia, Spain. As he writes in his website, he’s a storyteller, an explorer, and a geometry-seeker that taught himself the art of architectural photography. His skills are more than evident throughout his Instagram page, where he uploads the wonderful pictures he takes with (and of) his girlfriend, Anna Devís, who is also an architect and a talented photographer.

Together, they take symmetrical photographs that remind us of our favorite Wes Anderson movies. In each photograph, they interact with the buildings and the surroundings to tell a funny story. Anna Devís also studied design and illustration, which is clearly a source of inspiration and a skill that helps both of them take such clever pictures. In one interview, Anna tells the story of how they met, how they discovered the many interests they have in common, and naturally started going out. During their dates, they started taking pictures like a game that became something bigger.

Talk about relationship goals. Daniel and Anna’s photographs will inspire you to take more creative pictures with your partner and leave the clichés of wedding photography behind. It can be photography, film, or painting: any creative project will bring you and your partner (or a potential date) closer by making you work together. Dating a creative person that shares your passion is a great way to motivate you to create beautiful things together and individually, because you can show your work to them and know that they will appreciate it.

When I first saw Daniel and Anna’s pictures, I wondered: Where do they live? Do they travel around the world looking for those perfect buildings? But then I noticed that although the buildings were beautiful, there was nothing extraordinary about them. A city full of amazing buildings isn't really necessary, but a creative eye that is always willing to discover beauty in any place. Of course, their pictures made me want to travel, but more than that, they inspired me to pay more attention to the city where I live.

If you want to see more of these photographs, take a look at Daniel Rueda's official Instagram page.

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