Amazing Drone Photos That Show A Different Perspective Of The Earth

Photography has been taken to a new level with the aerial photos that won the Drone Awards.

Whenever I travel by plane, I always choose a window seat. I love seeing how big Mexico City looks from above and also try to identify some iconic spots for their peculiar shapes, such as stadiums, buildings, or parks. I also enjoy seeing how the landscape changes from one place to another, how the urban layout is different in each city, and how people have also modified both rural and urban landscapes. To look at the world from above definitely offers new perspective and thanks to drones we can have a different way to see our surroundings.

This is not new, as humans have always been curious to see the world from the sky. Some of the first attempts to photograph the world from above date back to 1858 when French photographer Nadar rose a camera tied to a balloon in the Paris suburbs. Two years later, James Wallace Black did a similar practice in Boston getting a very clear aerial image of the city.

The Drone Awards Photo Contest, held by Siena Art Photo Travel Association, has just announced the winners for the best drone photos of 2018. The contest received more than 4400 submissions from 101 countries all over the world, and the winners will definitely give you new perspective of humanity, nature and Earth itself.

The photo of the year is a polar bear caught jumping from one glacier to another, and it was taken by the wildlife photographer Florian Ledoux in Nunavut, Canada.

Here are other winners in different categories whose photographs will be featured in an exhibition in Siena, Italy during the fall. Enjoy the amazing views from above!


"Wheater Snake" by Ovi D. Pop


"Mada’in Saleh" by Gab Scanu


"Pilgrimage of Millions" by Qinghua Shui


"Skating Shadows" by Vincent Riemersma


"Blacktip Shark" by Adam Barker


"Assisi Over the Clouds" by Francesco Cattuto


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