A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs

A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs

By: Andrea Mejía -

Let these images inspire you to control the strange world of dreams, where anything is possible.

Lucid dreams sound like something from a fantasy or science fiction story. Is it possible to control the world of dreams, this surreal landscape where we forget reason? And even if it were possible, why should we care about lucid dreaming? Well, the answer to these questions has to do with the importance of lucid dreaming: improving your mind and living the impossible. Making yourself conscious of the fact that you’re dreaming requires a “mental workout,” so to speak, or in other words, training your mind to strengthen its focus and realize that you’re in the world of dreams. By doing so, you improve your memory, get to live your fantasies, shape your world as you like (remember this world isn’t ruled by the laws of physics or logic), and take control of your unconscious, where the answers to the deepest part of yourself are hidden.


Many artists have recurred to the world of dreams and lucid dreaming to access all the imagery they wouldn’t have found because of the restrictions of their consciousness, in order to create surreal works and strange images that not even the strongest psychedelic drug could generate. If you’re interested in achieving the incredible benefits of lucid dreaming, let these Instagram artists inspire you to explore the oneiric realm and check out some of the most important techniques that will help you train your brain to achieve this (literally) mind-bending ability.

A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs 1

Photos by @Prue Stent

Write down your dreams

This might be difficult at the beginning, especially if you rarely remember your dreams. However, writing down your dreams will help increase your focus and exercise your memory, and more importantly, you’ll remember even more dreams than before. An essential part of lucid dreaming is being aware of the fact that you’re dreaming, and the more you remember and focus on the details of your dreams, the easier it will be for you to be aware that you're dreaming and to control the development of your dreams.


A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs 2

Photos by @Teresa Freitas


Pay attention to details in your everyday life

The main ability you should train to be able to have lucid dreams is your memory. Although writing down your dreams is a very important step, you can also train yourself by paying special attention to details around you. For instance, maybe you were indifferent to the clothes your coworkers wear or the color and brand of your neighbor’s car. Now, try to pay attention to these details and remember them the next day. Focusing on them will increase your abiltiy of retain information in your everyday life, and this mental workout will eventually condition you to control your mind even more and break the “automatic” nature of dreams. 

A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs 3

Photos by @BeliLaBelle


“Predetermine” the theme of your dreams

Having incorporated the previous steps into your everyday life, one of the main ways to make sure you’re controlling your dreams is through predetermination. According to a study by Lynne Levitan and Stephen LaBerge from the Lucidity Institute, this means choosing the theme or setting of your dreams. This step usually happens in the transition between being awake and falling asleep. When you start feeling drowsy, think about what you want to dream about. Maybe you want to dream you can fly, that you go back to your favorite vacations, or that you see someone you haven’t met in a long time. Or to make things even more interesting, maybe you want a solution for a problem you’re struggling with. The more you think about the theme, the easier it will be for you to dream about it and let your unconscious mind either give you the answers you're looking for or let you live the experiences you wanted to have.

A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs 4

Photos by @Peechaya Burroughs

Look for “key” images or symbols in your dreams

Your unconscious mind often conveys messages through symbols. For instance, if there are red balloons in your dreams because you love the color red, that's different from when you've had bad experiences with balloons when you were a kid. The symbols vary depending on the person. Therefore, it’s likely that there will be images and symbols that constantly appear in your dreams because they have a special meaning for you. Try to find these elements in your dreams, so when you see them, you'll be able to know you’re in the dreamscape and start having some fun in this surreal realm.

A Guide To Lucid Dreams In 15 Acid Photographs 5Photos by @Harley Weir


The wonders of the world of dreams are closer to you than you’d think. Try lucid dreaming and reach unimaginable dimensions. Sleep tight!


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