Surreal Photographs Of The Universe That Is The Female Body

Surreal Photographs Of The Universe That Is The Female Body

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By: Alfredo A

February 21, 2017

Photography Surreal Photographs Of The Universe That Is The Female Body
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By: Alfredo A

February 21, 2017

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Out To Sea-w636-h600

The dreamworld is the place where all our fears and desires live. It’s an escape tunnel from our monotonous life, a remote island for the lonely, and the muse of artists. When the everyday starts to turn gray, dreams become our life vest by helping us project our deepest wishes while keeping our dark side in check. This surrealist land, both poetic and curious, has inspired many works of art. Portuguese photographer Heloisa Medeiros’ images are a clear example of this.

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photograph Boat-w636-h600

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photograph Couch-w636-h600

Surreal photography is not a new concept; it’s been brewing for the last couple of years. However, at times it suffers from excessive retouching and digital enhancing. Medeiros reminds us how the art of pictures is more of a field study. While her proposal does benefit from some use of technology, she chooses to take a step beyond the expected.

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photograph-w636-h600

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Hands-w636-h600

Medeiros’ narrative is one of dream deconstruction. It presents scenes with blurry dark elements while playing with light and shadow. Each image tells its own story. Art must always provide a sensation, a feeling of joy, uncertainty, or even repulsion.

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography-w636-h600

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Overbearing-w636-h600

Medeiros defines her style as ethereal and dreamlike. She paints her hopes and discoveries into the composition of the images. Through her photographs we can reflect on our interpretation of our own phobias and hidden desires. On the way we succumb or face them. This sublime discourse presents these characters at odds with their fears.

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Window-w636-h600

In some images we see the inner battle against loneliness, devastation, or even the feeling of being overwhelmed by disturbing figures that lurk behind the guise of tension and horror. These pictures counteract the ideal of happiness, since, in the artist’s words, “art should resemble life while also representing fear and isolation.”

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Kettle-w636-h600

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photography Images-w636-h600

Medeiros’ esthetic is obvious in each of her portraits, where light and shadow play a game resulting in a three-dimensional effect. The picture comes alive between the romantic and the macabre, the harmonious and chaotic, the analogue and the digital. The artist’s style is so unique that through her vision we as viewers are able to observe a world full of terrifying beauty.

Heloisa Medeiros Surreal Photograph Water-w636-h600

Photography is one of the most expressive and amazing art forms, for it's able to capture through an image feelings such as beauty and horror, love and heartache, desire and rejection, among others.

You can visit Heloisa Medeiros’ website for more of her photographical series. 

There are other photographers who use the whimsy and fantastical to capture the mind of the modern woman, as well as those who use the macabre to demonstrate the inner struggle between sanity and madness.

Translated by María Suárez